Back to the Mac 004: Breaking up w/ the Magic Mouse and Keyboard [9to5Mac]

The Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard are beautifully designed, but not very friendly to your fingers and wrists. Here's why I'm making the switch. Logitech MX Master 2S:
WASD Keyboards:
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22 Comments on Back to the Mac 004: Breaking up w/ the Magic Mouse and Keyboard [9to5Mac]

  1. I’ve got bigger hands than normal, so I cant use the magic mouse for more than 5 mins without feeling discomfort in my hand.
    glad to see I’m not alone on this was starting to think I was a freak of nature.

    • I just got it actually because everyone kept recommending it, and I have to say, I prefer the apple magic mouse.

      The middle wheel is not as smooth at scrolling in Safari and Mail, as the finger swipe.

      Using Better Touch Tool I have assigned short cuts to the other buttons but I have so many more gesture options on the magic mouse with btt remote like tip tap right for activating the Popclip app function, and so on.

      The ergonomics never bothered me on magic mouse, but maybe I’m just used to it, and the MX master will grow me. I do like that I can easily switch to 3 other computers with the button on the bottom though.

  2. All jokes aside, if you want to maintain/fix/increase forearm strength from repetitive tasks then pull ups are your best bet.

  3. Loving this Back to the Mac series. Your vids are awesome! Got a lot of new Mac apps to buy now because of you. Wife will not be happy lol.

  4. AWESOME video/point! If you haven’t explored mechanical keyboards and the different switches they are available with, you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to explore them. Finding the right keyboard and switch combo that fits your style will increase your appreciation of using whatever Mac you have by 50%, for sure.

  5. I use the Logitech G700s Mouse and Logitech Craft Keyboard with the magic trackpad on a daily.  Perfect for my daily usage.

  6. Great video Jeff, it’s so refreshing to hear an Apple fan give Apple criticism, it gets very tiring being shot down all the time by die hard fans when you criticise Apple, even though over the years you’ve spent thousands on their products, sigh.. Apple is not perfect.

  7. I don’t agree man
    Magic Mouse is amazing
    U need to use ur second finger to click and move mouse
    Not like traditional mouse.

  8. My next money spent will go for a magic trackpad. Gestures are a big deal to me, plus I don’t have to travel miles with a mouse, needing dedicated free space on my desk. I find it much more elegant, comfortable and fast.
    Considering magic mouse, I thought it is obvious that the flat design is not about the looks or ergonomics, but about the gestures.
    If you choose ergonomics over gestures, there are plenty of beautiful mice out there.
    Regarding an ergonomic magic mouse, I find impossible to implement a gestures surface on a mouse like MX Master. I wish Apple comes with an brand new idea, yet I highly doubt it, because as of late, they have become annoyingly lazy and incompetent.
    Regarding the keyboard, this is a totally custom preference. I’m more that OK with Apple’s keyboards, but I can usually adopt fast, any good keyboard.
    Summarising, there are so many devices out there to choose from. We don’t need one or two from Apple. We need completely new ideas to advance our interaction with computers and that is what I expect from Apple – thinking Job’s Apple.
    Love your videos. Keep up the good work.

  9. I’m with you on the mouse, it’s not very ergonomic and for someone with huge hands like you it must be hell. The keyboard though? I personally love the travel, but I like the travel on the new MBP better. It’s just a matter of personal preference. I find mechanical keyboards too loud

    • I agree with you in every way. I love the current Magic Keyboard, but I have yet to see a keyboard that beats the one one the new MacBook and MacBook Pro’s. The travel is so minimal, I have the feeling I am twice as fast when typing on my MacBook Pro than I am when using a PC with a mechanical keyboard.

  10. If you were really interested in ergonomics you would have gone for the MS 4000 ergonomic keyboard which is split for better hand positioning.
    I as a fast typer prefer low profile keys which let my fingers travel way faster than a mechanical keyboard with super high keys. 20 years ago I would have no choice but today low-profile keys all the way.

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