Coming soon: HyperDrive 8-in-1 USB-C Hub + Wireless Charger iPhone Stand [Sponsored]

Launching as a Kickstarter campaign preview (and officially going up for preorder on January 15)

You can get 20% off all Hyper’s other USB-C hubs with coupon code “9to5mac” for a limited time until Jan 14.

HyperDrive's 8-in-1 USB-C Hub + 7.5W Qi Wireless Charger iPhone Stand brings fast wireless charging to iPhone X and iPhone 8 via an adjustable laptop-grade hinge. Features USB 3.1, USB-C, Ethernet, HDMI, SD and micro SD connections. Read more:



23 Comments on Coming soon: HyperDrive 8-in-1 USB-C Hub + Wireless Charger iPhone Stand [Sponsored]

  1. I backed the HyperDrive for the new MacBook Pros on Kickstarter and was really disappointed. The functionality is “fine” but the build quality is garbage and not what they made it out to be. It feels sharp on the edges, it has a weird texture (very different from Apple’s aluminium somehow) and even when it’s connected to my Mac is doesn’t take a lot for it to detach itself. Also the space grey colour doesn’t match with the MacBook, which is annoying and makes it look ugly.

    Inb4 someone says “You got a faulty unit, mine works fine” because they have no idea what quality is.

    Anyway my points is, I don’t really trust them anymore after that and wouldn’t recommend their products based on that experience.

  2. I want a thunderbolt 3 dock like this for my iMac. And blue USB ports are ugly. Any Mac related products should use white ports.

  3. I bought the hyperdrive hub, really disappointed. The USB-A port is so tight that you can’t unplug without pulling out the whole hub

  4. Kickstarter is the worst place to buy/shop from… you’re sending money to people who have the same dream as you, but don’t necessarily have the experience or skill to create the project and secure financing in the real world, or the motivation to make the product near perfect, since they have the sale and payment before the product. They are asking for money based on a well made presentation, not a superior product, and even the best of the Kickstarter proven sellers (like the people making this product) aren’t known for the excellence of the products (who here had tried the HyperDrive by these same people…?), instead they use how many people they roped into their previous products as a resume. The whole system is backwards, and you’re bound to be disappointed if not completely ripped off. I would never put money into something in Kickstarter, and feel cheated whenever I get stuck or tricked into watching a paid ad for a project (like this one) or on Unbox Therapy or other sites. If your idea or if your previous products weren’t successful or superior enough to earn you financing in the real world (private or institutional) then you’re hardly a safe bet for my cash.

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