Hands-on: Akitio Node Pro eGPU [9to5Mac]

The Akitio Node Pro is an enhanced version of the original Akitio Node. It features better build quality, and a second Thunderbolt 3 port for daisy chaining. Currently sold out on Amazon:

Original Akitio Node video:
Mantiz Venus:
eGPU RX Vega 64 performance:

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22 Comments on Hands-on: Akitio Node Pro eGPU [9to5Mac]

  1. I wonder why they uploaded this video so fast lolll because the last guy almost killed a whole fan base with his boredom and only Jeff can save you .

  2. Wouldn’t daisy chaining affect the bandwidth required for the GPU through that port? Especially if using a high speed SSD?

    • It’s too early to tell what real world effect it will have with macOS’s eGPU support being in its infancy. I did notice an effect, but wasn’t able to gather enough data to make any concrete conclusions as to the amount. It does appear to affect bandwidth of the SSD for instance, but not greatly. GPU performance remained par for the course based on earlier testing with Mantiz Venus + Vega 64.

  3. Hey Jeff!! I have a 2015 mb pro (the 15inch, 2.2GHz i7), and I hesitate to buy an Akitio with thunderbolt 2, and a GPU to play big games, is it going to work fine on this mac in your opinion? And which not so expensive GPU, enough to support games (like Battlefront2, WW2) do you recommend?

    • BluHourCollective it will work with only one tb3 cable, but GPU performance will be bottlenecked a little since cable need to both sens and recive data.

    • So i can only use either internal display or external? it bottlenecks for both internal and external? I know ill loose some performance over PC.

  4. Great content!
    It would be so cool if you could do a video in which you do a daisy chain of two or more egpu and benchmark those. Can’t imagine what score it would produce!

  5. Assuming you plug into a Freesync monitor and have an AMD GPU, will this setup support Freesync, or are there software limitations with MacOS that prevent Freesync from working?

  6. Just sucks that you lose so many frames with an external GPU through bottle necking. But here’s to hoping thunderbolt 4 will alleviate that.

    • THorne H %10 loss is a lot .. but still better then Radeon 560 or even the upcoming 670 “whatever they call it” lol

  7. 60w is only good for the 13” .. ill pass
    I need a 800w + glass side + 90w power for charging + space gray

    Mantiz V is still the best .. the next update will be even better

  8. Hi!! nice Review…..swould it be possible to have some reviews for Sonnet eGpu?
    Sonnet vs Akitio Node Pro vs Mantiz Venus but with the same Gpu 1080….Thanks!

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