Hands-on: Kanto YU5 Bookshelf Speaker System

The Kanto YU5 is a flexible speaker system with RCA-in, Optical-in, Sub-out, and Bluetooth. It looks good, and sounds good. Read our full review for in-depth details.

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12 Comments on Hands-on: Kanto YU5 Bookshelf Speaker System

  1. Hit the spot! I’ve been pouring over many unboxing videos of the KU5’s, but
    nobody really gave the details I was looking for the way you did. Thanks

  2. The back of this speaker is ugly enough that I wouldn’t buy it if I had the
    money :/

  3. Great speakers, I have the gloss white ones. BTW, they sound better after
    about a week of break in time. The mids really open up and now its not so
    heavy on the lows and highs.

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