Hands-on: macOS High Sierra NATIVE eGPU support w/ AMD RX 580

I try the new native eGPU support in macOS High Sierra using the Akitio Node and AMD RX 580 Subscribe ► | Read full article ►

Akitio Node:
AMD RX 580: bhpho.to/2sgIiyx

## Favorite gear:
2016 MacBook Pro:
Panasonic GH5:
Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8:
Atomos Ninja Inferno:

## Favorite apps:
Final Cut Pro X:
Affinity Designer:
Affinity Photo (iPad):

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  1. This is very cool! I don’t understand why everyone seemed so disappointed by this WWDC. I mean, this was the first time we heard them even mentioning things like “FPS” on that stage.

    • For me on WWDC17 was great. They talk about Improving & Optimization on iOS. Now that my iPad 4 is not going to upgrade to iOS 11 since my iPad is a 32Bit but im looking forward to get 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2nd gen by end of July

    • This was a great WWDC, I haven’t seen so much hardware being announced on stage by Apple before. Now all their iMacs come with a dedicated graphics card and a fusion drive. eGPU support. Awesome iPads.
      Great WWDC in my opinion. Super happy.

    • I also think this is the most exciting WWDC with so many things being revealed and many more hidden. Great for developers! One more thing in September.

  2. for the amount of money needed for this work flow I doubt it will be worth it/sustainable.

    • The Bucket Ye I would have been excited a couple years ago when apple and final cut had all those promises attached. nowadays it seems more reasonable to build an AMD desktop rig and use premier. better performance to dollar ratio. We will have to wait for the benchmarks. But judging from apple and Intel vibe in he last however long, it does not seem like it’s worth it for them to build the best product they can. they rather build an okay product and market it broken. And because most of us have invested into their work flows we are obliged to fork out the cash or change work flow, which can be costly and time consuming on its own. I don’t feel they care about the consumer. Enough rich kids and conglomerates will still drop cheese on a 5 grand I mac pro. so they won’t cater for the rest of us. I’m still using a mac machine and work flow both work and home use, but the minute I’m in the market for a new system, I’m buying a pc. Damn the Man.

    • It will prevent gamers like me from having to build a second (Windows) rig just to hit decent FPS. Many people believe that you cannot be a Mac user and a gamer, like the personalities are mutually exclusive. Well, they are not 🙂 Currently my Macbook Pro travels with me and I game on a windows desktop when I am home, it would be great to be able to get home, dock and play some games. As far as cost, an external GPU setup is way cheaper than building a desktop similarly specced to my Mac just for gaming. So rather than having to pay for separate software/hardware for a windows machine, I would like a one stop shop OS that meets all my needs. With an eGPU my Mac can now do that.

    • Raytheon Orion Many, like you, don’t understand that you can’t always be like “Just build a desktop”. Notebook and Desktop isn’t comparable. Some people need a notebook, they need to be portable but still have plenty of power. But sure, let’s care around a 15 kg rig, a 2 kg monitor and mouse and keyboard in or bags, why even consider a notebook wtf.

    • technically it should work, but you’ll get less performance due to lower bandwidth of TB2. So if you buy a graphics card, get a mid-low tier model

    • Piipperi800 thunderbolt 2 has not enough bandwidth. it’s just too expensive to pay that much money on an external gpu if you can’t get the full performance. and there is also no point in trying to game on a 1.6 oder 1.8 dualcore

  3. Any idea if this work natively on bootcamp as well?
    Also, can you try a gtx 10 series to see if apple supports that as well?
    Great videos mate. Keep it uo

    • I assume Apple will support them down the road, but I highly doubt it works right now. I don’t have an eGPU. but I can find no driver for the 10-series of Nvidia cards inside High Sierra (writing this from the OS on my iMac). It might work with Nvidia’s web driver though

    • As people mentioned this has worked natively in Windows for a long time. Which shows the limitations are entirely software based and are easily fixable if Apple could be bothered. Instead they’ve intentionally blocked it resulting in hacks to get around the issue.

    • Richard Strong i was refering to bootcamp on mac, not just windows. Did u refer to bootcamp as well?

    • DetroitBORG it’s only way to improve graphics performance. However, can I change that AMD Radeon RX 580 to Nvidia GTX1070?

    • It’ll only be officially supported in Spring 2018. Meanwhile you can boot up your 2016 Macbook Pro into Windows and use Thunderbolt 3 egfx natively and without a problem. Meaning Apple could enable egfx now if they wanted to.

  4. Now I am using TB3 to TB2 adaptor on my MacBook Pro 15 inch 2015 and AKitio Node with GTX1070. The System is 10.12.5. It works well. I really want to know is it still works on 10.13 with native support.

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