Hands-on: Satechi Wireless Charger for iPhone X / iPhone 8

Satechi's Qi-enabled Wireless Charger ( ) works with the iPhone X and iPhone 8. But is it a good choice? Subscribe ► | Read full article ►

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24 Comments on Hands-on: Satechi Wireless Charger for iPhone X / iPhone 8

  1. There is nothing premium about this product. Slapping your logo in big text doesn’t help much either. I like that your trying to find a reason to review this product over the others….. I just don’t think this one stands out.

    • Hi Gareth, I’ve actually covered the other two biggies: Mophie & Belkin already. Plus several others: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFM4sq5BRMc I decided to cover this based on its looks alone. It looks much different than pretty much any other wireless charger on the market, so I thought it was worth a look.

  2. Sorry that glittery look just doesnt do it for me, think I prefer a pure black one for the premium look!

  3. This is a terrible design. No rubber to keep the phone from slipping is the worst since most phones with wireless charging will have a glass back, the hard surface can also scratch or even break the phone’s glass if you’re not careful. The aluminium border looks like plastic. Slapping the huge logo on the front just cheapens the design even more. The way it feels in the hand doesn’t matter at all bc it’s gonna sit on a table. Now imagine if the table is a bit crooked and your phone vibrates, guaranty it’s gonna fall on the ground. This is probably sponsored content but still…

    • Melissa and Alex Family Vlogs
      He only said it’s to indicate where to put the phone so idk. If it’s rubber he really should have mentioned it and even then, a tiny piece of rubber in the middle is not gonna help much. If anything it will keep the phone from lying flat on the surface -> easier to slide off.

    • +Tuan V. No it’s not sponsored. If it was, you’d know because it would say sponsored in the title. We don’t play those games.

    • 9to5Mac
      Yeah I agree with you that it has a cool iphone 5-ish design that makes it kinda stand out but that design is just terribly impractical for a wireless charger. Also it’s always good to find unsponsored opinions on youtube especially on techs so keep up what you’re doin’ :))

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