23 Comments on iMac G5 vs iMac Intel Boot

  1. I’m on an iMac G5 right now! And it is NOT that slow at starting up. The
    black screen does NOT sit that long and the white one with the apple shows
    for only seconds. I was wondering if THAT one ever would! I’m running on a
    fresh installation of Leopard, and I have many large games and apps
    installed and many programs that run in the background on startup (like
    dropbox and skype) so this is a poor representation.

  2. @97pinedaHD Well that’s the hard drive, hard drives get slower and slower
    over the years. Put an SSD like the Intel has. Boom! Remember this isn’t
    fair. The RAM and Hard Disc is really allowing the Intel to win.

  3. Hey, thats not fair! There is something wrong with the poor powerpc :-(.
    first check the powerpc one, and than retry!

  4. @fm1222 windows is for pros only? Tell that to the graphic artists,
    publishers, photographers, movie makers, authors, musicians and sound
    engineers, who use Macs professionally. For over 10 years, the statistics
    all show, the majority of professionals in these fields consistently use

  5. @TaylorNicholas93–AGREED! That g5 needs to have its SMC reset (or
    similar.) I’ve never seen ANY other Mac take as long to get from black
    screen to the EFI checks (the gray screen), nor spend so long on the gray
    logo screen. This test is in no way representative of a properly
    functioning G5 iMac.

  6. unless you can specify every detail as to why, your just a fanboy. and dont
    say its windows cause both platforms have linux. why is mac > then pc
    platform? answer that like a person without downs and youll lose your
    fuktarded fanboy status… your tagged, your it.

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