iOS 10: How to close all Safari Tabs at once

iOS 10 allows Safari user to open an unlimited amount of tabs, but what about closing all of those tabs? In iOS 10, it's now possible to close all tabs in one fell swoop:


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11 Comments on iOS 10: How to close all Safari Tabs at once

  1. This was the first thing I tried after installing iOS 10. I’m glad Apple
    finally added this feature

  2. Thats cool and all, but design standpoint, how does that make ANY sense? 1)
    tap and hold on the “view tabs” button 2) tap and hold on “done” button ->
    No relation whatsoever. How will a user even figure this out? Seems like it
    will be years until an average user will accidentally hold and figure it

  3. Why don’t they add this in the Multi-task switcher? It’s annoying when I
    have to close so many apps!

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