iPhone X: Best iPhone Ever [9to5Mac]

The iPhone X is the best iPhone ever. As it should be, given the cost and hype. It's not perfect, but it's really good. The notch isn't a big deal, and Face ID is better than Touch ID. Be sure to read the full post for more details.

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27 Comments on iPhone X: Best iPhone Ever [9to5Mac]

  1. Seriously. I don’t think this is a lot different from a lot of other devices out there. And I would say they disappointed me with their design this time around. And you keep praising apple for nothing. You just need them to call you for the next Apple event and you won’t unless you praise their average devices. Shame on you

  2. Not sure how you can say they knocked the design out of the park. The big camera bump, the notch, the lightning port are all huge design flaws. I’m a big Apple fan, and I primarily use iPhone, iPad and Macbook as my daily driver devices. It’s not their worst design but it’s definitely not a home run. In this market it isn’t a “good design” to have minimal bezels, it’s an expectation. Other competitors came to market with them far before the iPhone.

    • Compared to the 6-era, it’s a Home run. The 6 era was so meh. I’m happy to have this design, and not just because it’s “new”. It’s clearly superior to the 6-era models.

  3. How fast is your Face ID? Ive seen videos of other reviewers who pick up their phone, slide and its unlocked. Mine shows the Face ID screen for a second before unlocking.

    Also, thee screen doesn’t do black levels. Black = off lol

  4. The price of the iPhone X is just outrageous its like your paying more but getting less, the bloody notch has ruined everything you don’t get battery percentage do not disturb VPN on the status bar anymore watching videos the notch gets in the way and then i have to rewire my brain to adjust to swiping down from the top for the control centre and other gestures. I think I’ll just hang onto my iPhone 7 until it dies on me.

    • Shivasharma Nallaikkumaran no, he’s a dude who likes apple products, and is giving his opinion, which you are welcome to disagree with.

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