iPhone X keynote in less than 12 minutes!

Apple's iPhone X event condensed to less than 12 minutes. Featuring the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K, iPhone 8, and iPhone X Subscribe ►

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22 Comments on iPhone X keynote in less than 12 minutes!

  1. Not all that impressed with the 8, but the X is something I’d want. Just not yet. I take good care of my 6S Plus and it does everything I need and it does it well. So
    Apple won’t be getting my money this year…but they should take it as a compliment. The 6S Plus is such a great phone that I’m still very happy with it even after a year. It’s the first iPhone I’ve had that I haven’t felt the need to upgrade from right away.

  2. The apple watch “It has cellular built right in” apple takes us for fools or what. cellular wristband been out for years. cellular should have been a standard with apple watch so your watch could still get updates although your phone is not within range. IM DONE APPLE. Your baby steps to tech is starting to show to maximize profits

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