Move multiple apps on iPhone using iOS 11 drag and drop

iOS 11's drag and drop can be used on iPhone in a limited way. One handy use-case is the ability to organize the Home screen. Subscribe ► |

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14 Comments on Move multiple apps on iPhone using iOS 11 drag and drop

    • Giorat23 you can’t even name any of these features. iOS doesn’t even have swipe keyboard, split screen, airplay doesn’t work with anything that’s not apple, same with FaceTime and iMessage, Google’s Assistant destroys Siri, Chrome is way better than Safari, widgets are a joke on iOS, so what did apple do differently in iOS 11 is that they changed the control center’s design ? Made it easier to scroll down Safari pages ? Yes that’s exactly what they have been doing for the past year

    • The iOS keyboard is customizable through 3rd party apps. iOS does have split screen on the iPad. AirPlay works with many devices not made by Apple. You can text an iPhone without having an Apple device yourself.

      Besides the features you mentioned, iOS 11 also implements a new file system that makes more efficient use of space by scaling down the size of usually large files like messages and videos, brings P2P functionality to Apple Pay, introduces a Do Not Disturb feature designed specifically for driving, allows multiple speaker routing for AirPlay audio, integrates accurate and open AR technology, and redesigns both Apple Music (with friends and party playlists) and the App Store (with a greater focus on featured apps and the stories behind them). Perhaps this feature set isn’t very “advanced” or “new”, but Apple has definitely changed at least a handful of things.

    • Siri has some problems (if you try to create events, it asks for confirmation, you say yes, and she cancels the event). Also battery life is somewhat reduced and app launch times are slower than usual.

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