25 Comments on Protect your Mac with Malwarebytes [Sponsored]

  1. Malwarebytes is pretty invasive and hard to uninstall. Better back up everything before you do as you may have to reinstall you OS.

  2. No. Mac users aren’t told to avoid antivirus because Macs don’t get viruses. It is because antivirus software request access to root kernels that OS X or macOS doesn’t allow which can cause poor performance. macOS itself is your antivirus which is why when you update, the malware is gone… in most cases. For everything else, Malwarebytes is the best option.

  3. Oh no, Jeff! I hope they paid you good for buying your soul. I’m contemplating to unsubscribe from this channel, since Apple-Criticism (in favor of certain keyboard manufacturers), panicking (200%!!! from one to two viruses) and Snake-Oil-Ads are not what I expected here. I can view that BS on hundreds and thousands of other channels …

    • Your going to unsub because he posted his opinion about the apple keyboard and mouse and made a sponsored video? But yet it says sponsored in the title and yet you still choose to watch and complain? You know it’s sad he was upfront it was sponsored to even put it somewhere you could see it before even clicking and yet it’s still not good enough for you that’s a shame.

    • That is the problem with YouToubers today: Ad revenue from Google isn’t enough money for them, they have additional sponsors and patreons and what else to grasp even more money. I’m fine with that, as long as I get SOME content in the video between all the ads. But when the video itself becomes an ad as well then there is no reason anymore for me to watch it. He should have said what is true and what others already commented: Snake oil programs nest themselves deep into the system and bring many additional vulnerabilities with them. macOS has its own malware protection on board. But he lied for the money …

  4. I understand this is an ad, and you need to be compensated for your work, but this is really a bad thing to encourage subs of your channel to partake in. Anti virus applications on Mac are usually a bad idea as they themselves are a security vaunerability due to them requiring root access to low level articecture in the OS/system.

  5. Please, use ESET Cyber Security Pro for a good antivirus on Mac. Malwarebytes is for make a good cleans from adware anda malware.

  6. The old version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is less intrusive and just as effective at removing malware. It has everything but real-time protection and is 100% free.

  7. The comments… Can’t make people protect themselves no matter what OS they’re using.. Thanks for the video!! I love malware bytes!!

  8. Malwarebytes saved me once, is good and fast, but I Kida feel antivirus software drags performance down, so I install it like every two months, check my Mac and then I uninstall it, works for me.

  9. XProtect that is part of macOS has basic protection against some malware, Malwarebytes is a great one to have on any Mac.

  10. Antivirus software is somehow a virus in your computer. They monitor all the stuff you do on your computer.

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