Review: 10.5-inch iPad Pro – ZERO compromises

Starting at $649, it's the best iPad I've ever used, and a likely MacBook Pro replacement for many users. It's the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Find on B&H ►
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62 Comments on Review: 10.5-inch iPad Pro – ZERO compromises

    • QrewGaming hes telling you there is no difference in your phone between 1080 and 1440 because your screen is 1080

    • well the S8 is the only model with a 1440p screen and its new so i didnt want people to call bs

    • Ray McCarthy it still makes no difference. These cameras are so small the noise ratio is so high there is no real point going beyond even 720p especially for video. After all the megapixel wars with phone cameras, people still don’t get that megapixels don’t matter.

    • Sha Gojō you have to close Android as they have poor management where as on iOS apps are compressed in RAM so there is no need to force close. Ask him why he would want to do that as it is dumb? Reopening the apps take longer and use more battery rather than loading from RAM. Just because Android is not as good at RAM management doesn’t meant Apple hasn’t made it better, which it has.

    • You can use multifingers to swipe and close the apps, but as they said, you rly dont need to, because close and restart the app needs way more battery then leave them open

    • how about we just want a few apps opened at once for easy windows management?

      This isn’t Windows or MacOS, so you can’t just minimize many apps and only keep a few opened.
      The App Switcher is our iOS version of MacOS Mission Control.
      When we have literally over twenty apps opened at once we do not want to keep scrolling to find the app we want to get back to.

    • Uta Hiro just swipe down on your home screen for your most recent 8 apps. Easy. Then to switch to another just touch the search icon in the top left corner to move around those 8 apps. I never use task switch, not for years. For not recently used apps use spotlight for super fast locating.

  1. I somehow don’t understand why an iPad needs all that power. It even gets faster than a lot of Intel PCs and Macs. I mean of course it’s a good selling point, it’s good for gaming and some graphic-intensive apps. But Apple is selling it as a productivity tablet. So what’s all the power for? I would understand more this power if it has Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc. but it doesn’t. But for a daily iPad use, it doesn’t seem to be necessary.

    • Chief Then you’re not listening. They’re beginning to put out pro level apps now as as the hardware is potent and iOS 11 will enhance function even more. We are not talking about a $50 amazon tablet thing here.

    • I use Affinity Photo with Mac OS. But its demosaicing and RAW development algorithms stink on ice. Yeah, I bought the iOS version too, but soon after realized that it was a bit of a waste of money at this point in time. It’s awesome for some things like cloning, skin retouching, levels/curves and sharpening to a degree, but things like highlight recovery, shadow recovery, contrast etc.. are terrible.

      On top of that, there is no mobile to desktop syncing outside of iCloud Drive, which is SUPER limiting, especially since iCloud Drive takes up space on the desktop, instead of behaving more like Dropbox, where you can just access it via the web. Hopefully iOS 11 will fix that though.

      But really, the main issue goes back to how it develops RAW files, which in a nutshell, it terribly. And once you hit develop, you now have either a PSD, TIFF or afphoto file, and you cannot get any of the RAW sensor data back.

      So, simply stating: “Look at Affinity Photo”, really isn’t good enough. Not by far. I’d say the same thing about the mobile version of Photoshop. it’s terrible in the same exact way. Once I see apps like Capture One Pro, On1 Photo RAW on it, and they’re able to run similarly to how they do on the desktop, then I’ll agree. But Affinity still has a way to go, and that’s on the Desktop version. Never mind mobile. Hopefully they have 2 separate dev teams.

    • Doug B. You seem to be in minority as affinity is getting good reviews and people are switching on all platforms.

  2. it just needs full programs ,apple motion – final cut / after effects / Xcode it’s powerful enough for them the aspect ratio and size is good but for god’s sake apple apps for developers and creators and not sure about this but would 120 Hz for reading better for the eyes- less eye strain- or not if so it would be perfect if we could adjust it manually too .

    • Omar kmt I am a developer and I am planning to build a video editor like Final Cut Pro for the iPad. I am hoping to finish it by September or so. I hope more developer use the iPads full power like I will.

    • Omar kmt I really wish they would put their own pro apps on it especially Xcode and Final Cut Pro! There is a great range of apps however so it’s not irrelevant for pros. Right now it’s a beast at photo editing but video editing there’s not many apps in my opinion that take advantage of it’s power.

    • Allan Sh the Apple Pencil IS pressure sensitive, that i think is part of a reason it doesnt have 3D touch, the other being difficult to mass produce for such a large displays

    • I mean, they don’t need to produce a large pressure sensitive display. Let the Pencil do pressure sensitivity, not only for sketching, but also in other OS controls.

  3. i love my ipad but i look at reviews to get a feel for the product, and every review this guy does its so bias. This is not a review it´s a cirkle jerk for apple products. Im a heavy apple user but you lost a subscriber.

    • You want me to make up bogus negative things just to make it appear “fair”? No. I mentioned several pluses and minuses. I’m not going to just make up bogus negative things or look for negative things that aren’t there just for the sake of appearing “fair”. If it wasn’t good, I’d tell you straight up. I hope you don’t unsubscribe, but that’s ultimately your decision to make. Take care.

    • 9to5Mac I agree…people beg to hear something negative…it’s not even enjoyable anymore.
      And if there are not enough negative points they tell you it’s biased, sponsored, paid, a fanboy or whatever…

      Keep it up!

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