Review: Sonnet Fusion PCIe SSD – a RIDICULOUSLY-FAST external drive!

Sonnet's Fusion SSD is a portable PCIe external drive that's bus-powered. It features read and write speeds that can rival the internal NVMe SSDs inside of today's Macs. At $999 (Amazon: B&H: ), it's quite pricey, but compares well to Apple's own SSD upgrade prices. Read our full post for extended details:

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24 Comments on Review: Sonnet Fusion PCIe SSD – a RIDICULOUSLY-FAST external drive!

  1. The fact that the cable is not user replaceable makes it a 100% no go for me. What a stupid decision to have that!

  2. I like the new video style. Much better than seeing just your hands (Vanna White) and the product style. Good job!

  3. I currently use Samsung T3 (1T) with my the latest MacBook Pro. Thanks for the review. Very impressive. I would consider it once the price drops a little bit.
    Also, please review the eGPU.

  4. WTF is wrong with the guy showing the product…. Its soo weird Jeff….do your videos like you used to (focus on products) love the channel

  5. Trying to format a Samsung EVO SSD on High Sierra was driving me mad!!! I almost returned it until I plugged it into a Win PC. Then I used terminal like you did to format it.

  6. So a gismo that was solely designed for the Mac is not initially recognized by the Mac? You make light of this incredibly stupid oversight. Not everyone can use command line to fix something that should not need fixing in the first place. At a thousand dollars,this should not be an issue.

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