Spigen’s Magnetic Car Mount: Mounting your iPhone made easy [Sponsored]

Spigen's Kuel Signature Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder (buy: ) makes it super easy to mount and dismount your iPhone. Full post ►



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  1. They all work good.. unless you live in New England where the road aren’t smooth, then you have to be ready to catch the phone from falling .

    • RTP try Caseco 360, it almost Ferrell’s like I’m pulling the dash when I’m trying to take my phone of of it.

    • I also live up here, and what I don’t like about them is winter in general. My car has vents, but it doesn’t have a secondary switch to control which vents are on/off. So during the winter, if I have the heat blowing, and the vent is open, then its blasting heat, which is NOT ideal for a phone, especially if you are also using it as a gps.

    • agreed, that is the other issue. Wish car manufactures would come up with built in phone holder into the dash, won’t look any worse that the after thought tablet sticking out of the dash as many have gone too in the last few years.

    • not specifically this brand but if you’re really interested and have the money, Mophie has a battery case with their so called “Force Hold” and a similar car mount like this that also charges the case/phone at the same time.

      edit: they call it charge force, my fault, it’s a wireless charging case and the vent mount is the charging pad.

  2. You neglected to say a word about its capability to securely hold when actually driving. Is the magnet strong enough to securely hold your phone during real time driving conditions? Potholes, RR tracks, etc.

    • From my experience, yes. Granted, I rarely encounter any major potholes where I drive. That magnet is relatively strong. Keep in mind that I only tested it for a couple of days, and this isn’t an in-depth review.

    • 9to5Mac You’re lucky! I live in western PA, highways and secondary roads here are in terrible shape. I can’t see that magnet being strong enough (especially if it’s placed on the inside of a case) to securely hold a phone under certain rough road conditions.

    • gospizana: Spigen’s website has this disclaimer: Metal plates will hinder wireless charging capabilities.

    • +CT the magnets are not on the phone, so they do not impair charging. The metal plate will impair it however. So this might not be the right solution for the proposed wireless charging of iPhone 8.

  3. Hey Jeff, what if you want to take it out, does it leave residue? Can you maybe just use it without taking the paper off? Just place it in there.

    • Stick it to the case (as shown), not the phone -> no residue on the phone. Without the sticker, the metal might scratch the phone.

    • That’s not what I asked, I mean can this be used without taping it to the case (or phone), and still use transparent plastic so it doesn’t scratch it. That way I can reuse it.

  4. the biggest problem is when you put metal plate and after a while want to take it off, it bends, so only 2 plates is not enough for long period of time.
    But it is the best solution for car mounts never EVER it fallen off and it doesn’t matter what brand you use

  5. isn’t a car vent a stupid place to put your phone? i mean it’s ok when cold air comes out, but in the winter? heat is death for a battery

  6. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the tip Jeff. Love Spigen products, especially their apple watch stand.

  7. I thinks Iphone going to get bad, after long period of time put iphone on air vent mount. imagine the winter the car turn on the heats and heats make iphone get hot. I think iphone will going bad .

  8. Not working with most of the actual Mercedes Benz models because it is hard to attach due to the structure of the ventilation slot.

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