SteelSeries Apex M800 mechanical keyboard – not just for gamers

I use the SteelSeries Apex M800 mechanical keyboard on my Mac. It features individual LED key lighting and customizable keys. Read more:

Buy the SteelSeries Apex M800:

Intro music by Jordan Kahn:



26 Comments on SteelSeries Apex M800 mechanical keyboard – not just for gamers

  1. I’ve always wanted a mechanical keyboard but never bit the bullet due to
    price. Very tempted now after watching this.

  2. I have the old version but could use a newer one 🙂 always wanted
    mechanical + individually backlit keyboard

  3. Another great video by Jeff! Been a reader/watcher for a while. Continuing
    the legend over at 9to5Mac!

  4. There are way too few choices for mac users for mechanical keyboards. I’m
    glad to see another variant. I was so close to buying a mechanical keyboard
    fram wasd-keyboards but with the shipping I simply couldn’t justify the

  5. This keyboard looks pretty great. The clickyness sounds satisfying, and the
    macro keys and lighting are neat! This is my entry. @leemahi

  6. Just got it yesterday.
    The lights flicker so much it gave me a headache in minutes *horrible
    horrible.* so there goes that feature. Lights off all the time or head pain.
    Also cant really say i think it looks that good. But its heavy and DURABLE,
    BUT i keep touching caps button by ACCIDENT THen pressing the A KEy.
    So now i ripped that key off it looks crap but its much better now.

    Its not as good as my last keyboard but those i cant be bought any more. So
    i guess this is the best current keyboard with low profile keys.

  7. Hey man! I just recently purchased the keyboard and i’ve fallen in love
    with it already but i want to be able to automatically launch apps like you
    have in this video. I maybe overlooking it, but how do I launch
    applications with the macro keys? Hope you can help!

  8. It’s absolutely ridiculous that I have to come onto this video to find out
    what program I have to download in order to fully exploit my hardware. The
    quickguide only directs me to SteelSeries main page, there’s no direction
    to any utility program. Unbelievably poor explanation out of the box.
    Thanks for this video, because apparently you have to be a SteelSeries
    insider to even know how to use their products.

    • “Poofter”? That gave me a laugh, thanks.

      Not that it matters, but I didn’t pay a cent for this keyboard as it was
      gifted to me as the result of an RMA. I only bought a headset a year ago.
      That this only came with a quick-start pamphlet pointing to SS’s website
      without any indication of what was needed to use it (which wasn’t required
      for the headset) is laughable.

      Research should not be needed to understand (or at least point you in a
      specific direction online) in how to use something you pay for. Especially
      when it’s near $200, irrespective if one paid for it or not.

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