Hands-on: First impressions of the iPhone 5s

On September 20, 2013, in Industry News, by Jason Snell

The iPhone advances in ticks and tocks, new designs alternating with more subtle advancements. I haven’t decided whether the iPhone 5s is a tick or a tock. It most definitely looks like last year’s model but there is also most definitely more …

The Week in iOS Accessories: Paper mate

On September 17, 2013, in Industry News, by Macworld

Paper mateThis week’s roundup of gear for your iOS devices includes an accessory you can use as a ballpoint pen on paper, as well as paper you can use to turn your iPhone into an actual notepad.AurisThe $64 Skye bills itself as a “Wi-Fi receiver for y…

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Review

On September 13, 2013, in Industry News, by Ray Aguilera

When the iPad first launched, it was criticized (by some) for being more of a consumption device than a workhorse. Three years into the iPad era, however, plenty of people know differently. Add a keyboard, and an iPad turns into a capable work machine….

LaCie P’9223 review: Porsche design and 120GB SSD at a decent price

On September 5, 2013, in Industry News, by Macworld

Designed by Porche and manufactured by LaCie, the $150 LaCie P’9223 Slim 120GB SSD delivers a capable and compact USB 3.0 storage solution. The external drive is thin, sleek and matches your Mac with its aluminum casing.

Performance wasn’t sacrificed for looks however, as the drive showed read times of 452.5 MBps running our in-house 10GB file copy test and 356.6 MBps running our 10GB folder copy test. Compared to OWC’s Envoy Pro, another USB 3.0 external drive with flash storage, the P’9223 scored 11 percent faster on folder read test, and 6 percent faster in the file read test.

Read 10GB File

  • LaCie P’9223 Slim (120GB SSD) 452.4
  • OWC Envoy Pro (250GB SSD) 423.5

Read 10GB Folder

  • LaCie P’9223 Slim (120GB SSD) 356.6
  • OWC Envoy Pro (250GB SSD) 318.7

Results are in megabytes per second. Longer bars/higher results are better.

The write tests went the other way, with the Envoy scoring slightly better than the P’9223. Our test showed a write speed of 192.5 MBps when dealing with a 10GB file, and 184 MBps when dealing with a 10GB folder. Comparing that to the Envoy we can see that the P’9223 was about 10 percent slower than the Envoy in both write tests.

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The Week’s Best Deals for Your Mac and iOS Device, June 20

On June 20, 2013, in Industry News, by J Keirn-Swanson

Well, the iPad minis are hitting the refurb market for real now, just as we predicted. Not so long ago, it seemed like everyone loved their mini and they were few and far between anywhere, but now, just as with all things, the bloom is off the rose and…

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