Thunderbolt 3 external storage solution turbo-charges your Mac

Akitio's portable 4-bay SSD storage enclosure is Thunderbolt 3-enabled. Great for the Mid-2017 iMac. (Available soon on Amazon: ) Subscribe ► | Read full article ►

## Favorite apps:
LumaFusion (iOS):
Final Cut Pro X (Mac):
Pixelmator (Mac):
Affinity Designer (Mac):
Affinity Photo (Mac):
Affinity Photo (iPad):
Filmic Pro (iOS):
Ferrite (iOS):
Ulysses (iOS):
Ulysses (Mac):

## Favorite gear:
Panasonic GH5:
Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8:
10.5-inch iPad Pro:
Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard:

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23 Comments on Thunderbolt 3 external storage solution turbo-charges your Mac

  1. *Please use rx580 in your skylake hackintosh build in high Sierra and make a video. I have the same motherboard and CPU, I’m running off Intel graphics in high Sierra on a 4k monitor so I want to see if the Rx 580 has good compatibility. Would you recommend Rx 580 over nvidia cards for Pure compatibility purposes such as being able to get the latest updates without web drivers*

  2. just open up your imac add proper drive for OS. sure it will void guarantee, but then again how often macs fail.

  3. Did you think about upgrading the fusion drive by some m2 SSD. There is a proprietary apple connector for SSD, but seems that there are adapter available on the market – so the circuit will look like Apple proprietary SSD connector < - - > adapter < - - > m2 SSD. Samsung NVMe SSD 960 Evo gives around 3.200mb/S Sequential Read and 1.900mb/S write speed.

  4. Why can’t you use it without a power cabel though? I thought Thunderbolt could deliver up to 100 Watts

  5. the tb3 cables are so short because when you get longer cables it has more latency and interfierence

  6. can you do a video on how to modify the default install of apps to an external HD? I basically want only the OS on internal drive and the rest on external. Many people like me have small internal SSD drives bc Apple is being cheap on SSD storage with base model MBP and iMac. Thanks in advanced.

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