HyperJuice – The world’s most powerful USB-C battery pack! [Sponsored]

Preorder the HyperJuice USB-C Battery Pack for $159 before the price increases to $299:



25 Comments on HyperJuice – The world’s most powerful USB-C battery pack! [Sponsored]

  1. I typically suggest Anker for third party external batteries and cables.
    Wait… Since when does iPad use USB-C? I thought it was still Lightning??

    • I have an official Apple USB-C to lightning cable that supports fast charging and have been doing this for months. I assume he is doing the same.

  2. Will it be powerful enough to jumpstart my old Ford F-250 pickup? 🙁 I left the lights on last night and couldn’t start it this morning. My other car(VW Passat) was too weak to jumpstart it, so I ended up having to call AAA. They didn’t show up until 1.5 hours later because it was an extremely busy cold morning.

  3. For $300, I’d rather get the charge tech 54000mah with 2 ac outlets that support 250watts which can power a 47 inch lg tv for 3 hours and is still portable. No comparison.

  4. It’s got some cool features over the Anker one I have with 26800mAh. Yeah it takes ~8 hours to to charge from empty to full, but I only do that maybe once a week overnight.

  5. Very nice battery, and having 100w power for a 15″ MacBook Pro its definetly something nice to see. I am wondering why didnt they add one port exclusive for charging so the pass through for a MacBook Pro 15″ its still possible..

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