New iOS 12 beta 6 features / changes!

What's new in iOS 12 beta 6. New features and changes include the following:

Home: 3 new stock gradient wallpapers
Wallpaper rearranged, and iOS 10 wallpaper removed
New AirPlay icon in Music Widget (CC and Lock Screen)
New Photo Library icon in Messages camera
Books: new splash screen
Clock: bolder hands and slightly different orange tint
Rounded picture-in-picture on iPad

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27 Comments on New iOS 12 beta 6 features / changes!

    • Cowjan I was the same way for a while, then I got used to his new sign-off. But now you put it back in my head, lol

    • Idownloadblog isn’t the same without Jeff. Weird, I don’t visit the site as often anymore.

  1. wait…Yellow Blue Green? Are these the new colors that the new iPhone will be released in?! Who the hell wants a green phone?

    • those are home app wallpapers, they’re not related at all to the color of the upcoming iPhone/

  2. I can’t wait for iOS 12, am thinking every night for that release my life is only about Apple soft and hardware

  3. I’ve got a question to which I can’t find an answer anywhere…

    Does the HomePod stream local music files from your iPhone, or does it just work if you’re subscribed to Apple Music?

    Thanks guys!

  4. Omg I never realized that the hands in the clock app icon actually move and reflect the actual time. Until now.

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