10 Comments on Tesla Model S P85D Test Drive w/Autopilot

  1. It’s pretty nice? No, its pretty fucking insane.

    Best car on the god damn planet, point blank period, no discussion.

    • Exactly, no car ever made comes close to comparing. I was expecting for a
      car like this to come out in 2020 at the earliest.

    • It’s a shame it looks too much like a Ford Fusion. They need better
      exterior styling. And of course a lower price so that more people can
      afford them. 🙂

    • +Mr Hippie agreed, totally useless, I dont understand why so many people
      are buing it if it can reach only 250km/h, which is like no speed at all 😀

    • +Mr Hippie Right and the Bugatti Veyron fuel only lasts 12 minutes at top
      speed, totally useless. Good thing people don’t constantly drive at the top
      speed of their vehicle…

  2. The camera looks like its on the inside of the wind shield. If you can see
    it can see. I was worried when Elon explained a camera.

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