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  1. Hi there, Matt. Just thought you should know that your videos are sooooo
    cool! Keep up the great work.

    • No. This beta is waaaaay less buggy than beta1. Idk what that guy is
      talking about. Probly didn’t even try it

    • +John Applessed Wynes the ONLY bug that I’ve found is the landscape
      appswitcher bug, where you open an app in landscape mode and then open the
      appswitcher. It would appear as though your wallpaper is only half blurred
      and the other half is normal. That is the only bug on my device, I am
      running an iPod Touch 6G.

  2. Apple: Downloads are now called downloads

    iSheeps: OMFG this is revolutional ! #Teamiphone apple did it first

    • Apple enthusiasts will often treat all of Apple’s decisions like they’re
      ingenious, including after Steve Jobs died when Apple completely lost their
      way, like when they made the idiotic decision to screw over professionals,
      gamers, and actual computer enthusiasts, and got rid of all upgradable
      computers in 2013 when they changed their Mac pro line from a tower that
      you can upgrade any element of it using standard hardware, to a 10 inch
      black trashcan that’s a $3,500 higher end Mac Mini that can’t be upgraded
      at all where everything that gets connected to it has to be modular,
      destroying the entire point of being a “pro” line to begin with.

      Steve Jobs was Apple. When he died, the only innovation they had left was
      the ability to find new ways to make more money. It was no longer about new
      ideas that could improve people’s lives.

    • Take note that since Steve Jobs died, OS X hasn’t had any truly significant
      changes that really truly benefit the end-user, the changes have been all
      about new expensive hardware you can connect to your computer.

      During Steve Jobs tenure at Apple, Apple was a fantastic company that I
      would fully stand behind.

    • +Fizzi Soda, why does it matter, it is entirely personal choice. It’s too
      ambiguous to argue about, so stop spoiling for a fight.

    • +Simple TechTips “some people don’t have the luxury of having enormous
      data” You just admitted that you are broke. End of Discussion. I have Both
      S7 Edge and 6s Plus. Brought cash and Using Uncapped mobile internet from
      Telkom. This is coming from a guy that lives in Africa.

    • +Simple TechTips A rolls Royce has less luxury and Technology than a
      Mercedes S Class. Do rich people complain? NO. A bugatti has as much luxury
      and Technology as a Golf R. People Complain? NO. You just poor fam

    • And don’t tell me about being raped. South Africa has one of the most
      expensive Dollar per Byte Internet Rates In The World. Yet I opted for

    • +Noe Guerrero And they come often so the people come back for more food (or
      info in this case) before leaving and heading back to the next

  3. so any new when it will be filly complete and be ready to be released to
    the public?

    • +Rdj Swifty As per the latest iOS 10 beta 2 reviews , iPhone 5/5c are
      working fine. I believe Apple will be able to optimise the OS till the
      final release version for each and every compatible device…:)

    • +Aasheesh Vats Neat! I don’t suppose you happen to know when they will
      release IOS 10 for the 5c, do you?

    • +Rdj Swifty iOS 10(official rollout) for each and every compatible device
      will release sometime in September alongside the launch of iPhone 7.

    • is what? you cannot update the software without being a developer. Go ahead
      and go to the Developer website and set yourself up for a dev account. this
      will give you access to iOS Betas, WatchOS Betas, TvOS Betas and MacOS

    • +The Hair DO NOT DO IT. The beta version is awful and will bug up your
      phone! Just wait for the full version!

  4. Another feature he missed is if you go to the swipe down spotlight search
    and go on a recommended app it will have a tap back the the spotlight at
    the left top corner (Also the beta is actually usable now because they
    fixed like all of my apps crashing)

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