Which iPad should you buy? Every iPad compared

We look at all five of Apple's full-size iPads in details, discussing in what ways the iPad has evolved since 2010 and helping you decide which tablet is right for you.

Should you buy the iPad 2 or the iPad Air? Should you stick with the iPad 3 or iPad 4? How much of a difference does the iPad Air offer? We answer all these questions and more.

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14 Comments on Which iPad should you buy? Every iPad compared

  1. So… which one do i buy ? I just want one that isnt too high in price and
    has 4G or 3G (and wifi for both).

    • If you’re looking for a low-prices iPad, then buy an iPad Mini. Although
      those iPad Minis match the earlier iPad models (like first the iPad Mini
      and the iPad 2), the Minis are newer, thus having more functionality coming
      within newer iOS versions and will last longer due to them receiving
      updates for at least one year more than their normal-sized counterparts :3

    • First of all, it depends on personal preferente.
      Second, it’s a different OS, so you would choose the one that you can take
      more advantages of.
      Third, Flash is almost not used anymore.
      Fourth, although Flash is almost unused, iPads can run Flash within some
      apps like Puffin (the best for me) or Photon browser.

    • Ps. If you’re a so called Android fanboy, why would you care of a video
      about iPads. I came to see real info about iPads, not to blame them and
      compare it with another device while it depends entirely of personal
      preference and use

  2. What ipad should i buy? i want a light weight to take it to school.(sorry
    for my bad english)

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