35 Comments on Boot Test: iPhone 2G vs. 3G vs. 3GS vs. 4 vs. 4S vs. 5

    • I’ll make your day and tell u the song or what the closest you’ll ever get to it it’s called (heart and soul ) this is in a very high octave though

      (I think that is what it’s called look it up anyway)

  1. Thank you iPhone 2G for taking so long, so I can listen to this great great music longer ^^

    But in my opignion the iPhone 3GS is the best. I will by one soon ^^

  2. I have a 4S. Very good phone for my usage. Totally worth it! Also, the iPhone 3GS was one of the best models ever. So much faster than the 3G. It was revolutionary. And it still is. It’s one of the best iPhones ever made and I like it a lot.

  3. My only desire is to know the storage space of each test model and what was on it.

    Also, IOS version matters…
    The iPhone 2G struggled on iOS 3’s tweaks and enhancements
    The same with the 3G on iOS 4 and the same with the 4 on IOS 7 (not shown in video but you get it)

    It’s been my experience that for the iPhone 2g to win against a 3G and even a 5 in some cases. IOS 7 ik is a lot to load and the 2G can beat the 5 in a speed test

    • +ᴴ4sWe|I it’s no problem for me ios 6 is te Best System i use no apps on this Phone my Personal Phone is a galaxy s5 mini 🙂

    • Now i use my iPhone 4 as my personal phone xD, and i mean, “iOS 6”, is the best system for me, (design, etc…,…) and so one xD

    • And i installed the iOS 6 Siri on my iPhone 4, but i need the “4S activations keys”, for the authentification on the Apple Siri servers, but i have now a iPhone 4S… xD, but you can still download many apps for the iOS 6 operation system

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