First look: Hyper USB-C Hub for 2018 iPad Pro

The Hyper USB-C Hub for 2018 iPad Pro is available to back on Kickstarter. Early backers can score one for $49. Full preview:


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43 Comments on First look: Hyper USB-C Hub for 2018 iPad Pro

  1. It’d be nice if Apple made an iPad Pro that is thicker but had these ports built on the tablet itself.
    Or at least Apple should make a dongle like this instead of selling dongles with 1 function and a floppy and fragile cable dangling around.

  2. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are 2 of the biggest scams. How many people actually get the products they back, within a reasonable amount of time? Until it reaches Amazon or Ebay, stay away.

    • Genshi Media Group And until that platform does something about crooks getting away with scams, its not a safe place to make an investment. Amazon and eBay cover your losses. Does kickstarter or indiegogo do that?

    • agreed! if the company wouldn’t risk their own money, why should you. Don’t be a sucker and back the project with your money.

    • @JoeTischer I agree that there needs to be better protection for consumers (and both Platforms have been working on those solutions) but again, this has been a great way for new companies to be birthed, which have spawned so many new innovations…

    • @Hi-Fi Insider you should know better if you work for a hi-fi company. I use to work for a major manufacturer in the music production/equipment industry (as a Product Manager for M-Audio) and I KNOW exactly what it takes to manufacture these things and how hard it is for new companies these days to get started. But even established companies use Crowdfunding to test the waters of a new idea; to see if people would be interested in it or not. Of course, they STILL invest their own money (that was an idiotic statement on your part) and thanks to crowdfunding, we now have great products like the Formlabs 3D Printer, or the Oculus Rift which went on to get bought out by Facebook and is spawning all new products (like the Oculus GO that I have and the forthcoming Oculus Quest.) And the Canary security system was a first of its kind at the time, and SO many others. Or since I’m into musical gear (synthesizers, etc.) most recently, the Conductive Labs NDLR was successful and delivered, and I featured it on my channel, the Kilpatrick Audio Phenol synth was successful and delivered and I feature it on my channel, and so many more yet again.

      These Crowdfunding platforms are a great way to move innovation forward, and by you people denying this, it just shows how behind the times you all are (or jealous that you don’t have any ideas of your own and have to work normal jobs for other people, which is fine.) As for this Hyber USB-C, they’ve already surpassed their goal in less than one day! And they will deliver like they did their previous product. And they definitely already put their own money into this for research and development… you think this stuff just magically grows on trees?

  3. My God it looks like a damn tumor on the side lol for all this just go get a MacBook or a damn laptop for Christ sake.

  4. Well apparently this company has got the right idea for the iPad and it’s accessories. Ad the price is nice too.

  5. Looks horrid. I’d prefer a longer cable going to the dock it self that can rest behind the monitor or iPad. Looks messy as is now

    • Great idea and it would be nice to see this exact product but with a either long/flexible USB-C cable or a way that it attaches itself to the back of the iPad.

    • Yes it also has another attach ment that allows you to do that. I backed the campaign where it was show cased. I don’t know why 9 to 5 Mac side not mention it. Maybe saving it for the final review.

  6. I was wondering if you all would make a video about this and you did. This is cool to see as USB-C, has so much potential.

    Great video, Jeff.

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