Galaxy S10+ from an iPhone user’s perspective

I compare the Galaxy S10+ to the iPhone XS Max from a longtime iPhone user's perspective. Does Samsung's flagship hold up?


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My 🎥🎙🖥gear:
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– Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM:
– Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 GM:
– Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS:
– Sony RX100 VA:
– Atomos Ninja V:
– Sennheiser MKH-416:
– Audio Technica ATH-M50x:
– Universal Audio Arrow:
– Fotodiox 18-inch Flapjack:
– iMac Pro:
– MacBook Air:
– iPad Pro:


FCPX Plugins by MotionVFX:

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59 Comments on Galaxy S10+ from an iPhone user’s perspective

  1. I think this is the one – Samsung has built this phone ☎️ well. Head phone jack! Is Apple listening? Fast charging? Again, I hope Apple is listening. It’s a weak screen protector though – it won’t handle regular stress. That wobble goes away with a nice phone case and it will basically protect your phone. Do a camera comparison. I’m curious to see that. I currently use the iPhone XS to shoot all my recent YouTube channel videos. I’m not disappointed especially when I pair the camera with third party apps.

  2. I dont know why everybody like swipe right to back. It’s kinda annoying. If you scroll very deep and accidentally you swipe right and back. And I need rescroll again -_- I hope I can disable swipe right for back

    • It’s the one thing that I miss on Android, and the third party equivalents don’t work as well as on IOS where it is baked in the OS. I guess a lot of people keep going on about it because it works for them. I never accidently store right and back like you do, but I can imagine that must be very annoying.

    • I like it way more then a dedicated back button, you basically have the whole side of the screen to swipe back instead of one tiny button in the corner

    • I never considered swiping from left to right, I swipe from right to left in mi Android phone and it is the most natural way to do it, when you hold your phone with two hands you use the right thumb to control de screen so using it to swipe is the natural thing, to reach to the other side of the phone or use the other hand is absurd.

  3. I’m an iPhone XS Max user but I wouldn’t mind having the S10+ as my daily driver. Honestly love that phone.

  4. I’m an android user, but I used to be an iPhone guy through and through. For me to go back to iPhone, I would really wish:
    -Apple freedom to do whatever I want on my screen.
    -Put my icons wherever I please.
    -Organize all my apps alphabetically or allow to place them where the user chooses.
    -Use split screens vertically and horizontally.
    -Support dark mode on most of its applications like Android does.
    -Headphone jack. YES why not?
    -Expandable memory.
    -USB type C
    -Widgets used like how we see on Android.
    -Be able to create and delete Files/Documents & pictures on my cellphone, without the need to connect to a computer to to all that
    The apple quality packaging and unpackaging experience, its definitely a lot better and much more nicer, than that of Samsung in this particular case. However, Samsung is fairly including great quality accessories in its rather not so exciting packaging.
    If the next IPhone is offered with the previous standard features found on most top tier Android phones, then I will definitely come back to IPhone. I like both platforms, none is better than the other and neither is perfect. This is just my opinion on my iPhone wish list. Please not interested in negative arguments over something small is just sharing thoughts. Peace✌️

    • Same girl. I’m tired of Apple not listening to its customers. They keep treating us like idiots who will buy anything theyll release

    • That’s a pretty stupid purchase, why ditch your $1000 phone for a $1000 phone that’ll be worth half it’s release price in a year because of how much Samsung’s depreciate in value

    • +brando12343 it’s not Samsung, it’s Android as a whole of course the price going to go down when you have Android phones coming out every month. Apple can maintain their value because they come out once a year. Just like the S10 did great in pre-orders but a lot of people still waiting on the Note 10, Pixel 4, OnePlus 7, etc. So course the price going down to sway people to buy them even though new Android phones coming.

  5. Currently on an iPhone X, and I typically like to wait till Fall to see what every flagship has to offer, but this s10 is really tempting at the moment.

    • Mike in NorCal I wouldn’t switch, I currently have an iPhone X and after my previous experiences with Samsung’s and their glitchy software and crap battery life after a few months I wouldn’t recommend switching

    • +brando12343 yeah thats how it was like a few years ago. I made the switch you’d year and I can honestly say Samsung knocked it out of the park this year. Apple needs to step their game up

    • Isaiah Armstead the new phones are pretty nice but my main issues are that stupid hole punch camera and the fact that every honest reviewer has complained about the software not being optimized or stable, if android had the polish, smoothness, camera quality and optimization of iOS I would still be on android but none of that has really been fixed or even addressed so I’ll stick with my iPhone

    • I personally wouldn’t switch so soon, that being said I do change phones a bit, but they are second hand. I’d wait for the new iPhone, and if you still want the s10 by then they’ll be cheap. Or the Note 10 will be ready instead

  6. A Samsung vs iPhone review from a bonafide Apple shill. Comparing Face ID to Samsung and the fingerprint saying Samsung is inferior with less illuminators for face unlock. Or maybe Apple is deficient because they don’t even have a fingerprint option.

    • It’s an even swap, don’t allow your personal bias to get you in your feelings. Kinda laughable though to put an option which is so easily bypassed, just so people can claim “options”.

    • Fingerprint scanners honestly suck, if your hands are dirty, wet or dried out then fingerprint scanners won’t work, Face ID on the other hand works basically 99% of the time compared to fingerprint scanners that for me anyways fail 50% of the time

    • +brando12343 I’ve had the phone since the 6th. The fingerprint works the vast majority of the time even when my fingers are wet or dirty.

    • +brando12343 lies, i have purposely gotten my fingers with grease and wet and there have been many videos where they have tested it and works EVERYTIME.

  7. Samsung is trying to be more green with its packaging; that is why there are very little plastic wrappings to unwrap.

  8. Dunno why, some of the points a valid, but can’t shake the feeling this video is bias. Well…it is a preference of the user.

    • jedidood I have the iPhone XS Max and my lady has S10 plus. It’s way easier to use than he stated in the video. I was laughing so hard how bias it was. The left side is the back which is easier than swiping way on the left edge. I love apple OS but he completed did all those Samsung gestures wrong on purpose lol. You and I both know not.

    • He clearly did not know what he was doing. It actually doesn’t even seem like he tried to know what he was doing

  9. Absolutely no compassion to the iPhone, i dumped iPhone a couple years ago, Samsung is light years ahead… Poor iPhone users 🙁

  10. s10 face recognition is not laughable you are laughable that you dont know its 2d scanner ofcourse it will unlock with photo its not 3d scanner and thats why Samsung didn’t even advertised it even once but s10 has new ultrasonic which is 3d fingerprint scanner which is so unique from all in display scanners which are 2d so now thats uniquen and different. and btw s10 3d scanner is not slower at all its slow coz you dont kno how to use it unlike all in display scanners you dont need to press your finger harder but just gently touch so gently and just see the lightning fast speed s10 unlocks at.its the fastest in display scanner till now.

  11. Love seen these kinds of reviews from Apple sheeps, they will never admit good new features on other devices and always find a way to bash on them

    • Chris P What good new features? He called everything out objectively. Most iPhone users don’t care about customizing their UI and making their icons pretty. I don’t understand this notion android users have in glorifying these smartphones as if they were flawless devices. I’m an iPhone XS user, I also like like android phones (especially Sammy Galaxy), but why always engage war between the 2? They’re SMARTPHONES, not football teams! You people are severely brain dead.

  12. Not a good review. Down playing Inscreen finger print(IFP) and talking about face unlock is crap. iFP is way more better than what you show . And you can have accessible menus on the bottom rather than top. You can change edge screen direction from right to left. And gestures are new to android and samsung. Android users are so used to soft key buttons and rarely use gestures. If Apple user needs to switch. they should count on using softkeys too. Back and recent buttons are Mecca of Android. Show the right things the right way. Still biased review.

  13. I will take the fast charger in the box any day over a cellophane paper wrap…plus a very good headset, plus usb brain is finally winning the battle against my heart and I am finally able to look beyond the superficial “premiumness” of Apple products..

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