Hands-on: JetDrive Go Lightning-enabled external storage for iOS devices

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The JetDrive Go is an external drive for iOS devices that's aimed at users running low on storage space. Buy on Amazon: or Buy on B&H:

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24 Comments on Hands-on: JetDrive Go Lightning-enabled external storage for iOS devices

  1. “This app is the only way you can interface…”

    See Apple. THIS. This is why people laugh when you try to pretend the iPad Pro is “just as good as a computer”. No we *DONT* want an App for every fucking thing, no matter how much of your revenue stream is based on it.

    • James Rowe yup you are right , they call it a pro and have given it a pro hardware but the software it has, is not worth the pro tag, if they somehow fit mac os into it, it would be worth or they should introduce a file browsing system in ios 11 ( if not for all apps atleast for apps with iTunes sharing feature ) an ipad pro running android would be more functional and productive, compared to ios.

  2. My son has a iPhone 5c can he download games onto it to play on his phone as he only has 16gs

  3. Let me download a song onto it to play on iPhone 7 and I just plug in my headphones while my USB is in my pho- oh wait

  4. I could see this as a secondary backup of my DSLR RAW photos when on the go… I would first load the RAW files to my iPad and then connect Jet Drive GO and backup those RAW files to it..

    can anyone confirm if RAW files can be copied to Jet Drive Go when using the backup feature of the Transcend app?… also, does it give a choice to leave photos on iPad once backed up or will it delete automatically?

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