27 Comments on Hands-on with DirecTV Now for Apple TV

    • Jonathan Potopovich they haven’t mentioned how long, but they did say in an
      email that even if you sign up with the promo, the prices will increase if
      they want it to increase. So even if you get it for $35 now, chances are
      that they’ll increase the price soon on you maybe without even telling you.
      I Read it on an email.

  1. Is DVR service, possibly similar to PS Vue, likely coming anytime soon?
    What is the minimum recommended Internet speed? Nice to see some
    competition building for the streaming services.

    • Noah Zimmerman hi. No you don’t. I have spectrum , I ordered the 3 month
      service and they are sending me an apple tv. I actually was going to get
      the Apple tv anyway. The service seems good for being new. Btw I also have
      psvue and have had sling.

  2. The picture quality and sound is 10x better than sling tv. HBO added is for
    $5 and you can sign in to HBO Go app.

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