Hands-on with OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Apple introduced the next version of OS X yesterday, El Capitan, an update that brings improvements and new features to OS X Yosemite. El Capitan includes under-the-hood performance boosts, a new split-screen view, and improvements to apps like Maps, Safari, and Notes.



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  1. Love using it so far but its really sad they removed 3 finger dragging.. I
    used that a lot to avoid clicking all the time, great time saver..

  2. “El Capitán”, the next one will be “Muchos Tacos”. OSX El Bandido, or OSX
    Machete, or lets go south and calle it OSX Hugo Chavez. OSX Evita.

  3. Have you noticed performance improvements? If so do they change the
    experience on the low-powered Macbook a lot?

    • +pranka501 I haven’t noticed too much difference in this beta. The MacBook
      still performs great

  4. I cannot believe that this is Beta 1.It’s blazing fast on my mac.Everything
    works fine and performance is at peaks. Impressed

    • +AeroplaneGuy Same here. The only thing is when I close my macbook, it
      won’t wake back up and I have to hold the power button down until it turns
      off and restarts. That’s really the only bug I’ve seen.

  5. Stupid name, but I’m grateful that it supports my Macbook 2009 still. I am
    a bit shocked that Apple hasn’t cut support from older Mac hardware by now.
    That is 6 years and they are still are supporting the people that aren’t
    rich and can’t afford to update their Macbook. I think there’s hacks out
    there to get the later OSX’s to work on older MacBooks than mine.

    • +alex123453839
      Where are the 1080p macbooks at then? Also, how powerful is the hardware on
      newer macs? Can a thousand dollar mac hardware compare to a gaming laptop
      for the same price? Probably not if I had to guess because Apple has to
      make their $$$ some wheres since their OSX has been free lately even tho it
      didn’t used to be.

    • Not the actual resolution is it? I thought that is only possible if you
      hook it up externally if I read correct.

  6. love your website but you should really speak a bit slower… it’s hard to
    follow you when your narration is so fast

    • +iwednesday Because that’s all they do now, copy old features off each
      other. I had that browser tab feature on Firefox about 6 years ago with a
      plugin. Now it’s hyped as a new safari feature? What a joke.

  7. Been using since the beta started on my iMac and no worries on my side —
    looks great, performs great, almost no problems. Nearly 100% positive
    feedback from me. Best OS to date IMO

  8. I hate how these days they just add a new font and call it a new operating
    system. All I really want is for the recent versions of all my favorite
    apps to be supported under Mountain lion because it runs about 10 times
    faster and more stable than Yosemite.

  9. I guess ill stay with OSX mavericks. I like its UI better even if it limits
    me from downloading new software

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