10 Comments on How to make calls on an Apple Watch

  1. To make and receive calls on your Apple Watch do you have to Bluetooth your phone number to your Apple Watch?

  2. just pick up an apple 1 series…i was wondering can i make phone calls from that series 1 apple watch?
    i bought it because it was on sale cheaper price tag
    3.26.17 let me know?dom

  3. i had a sam sung s2 gear smart watch…u can make calls from it tho your phone
    press a button a person contact name tho your phone
    can’t speak tho the smart watch sadly..
    u just press the button from your watch..

  4. Hi, biggest problem is making call on watch, but want to xfer to blue tooth earphone.
    Tried so many times, if i call from watch, it will go thru watch speaker.
    If want to xfer to earphone, have to touch iphone, unlock and click top green bar, then it xfers to blue tooth earphone.

    tried the handoff features, not helping at all.
    tried pairing with watch or iphone, not helping either

    Any idea to fix this? it was series 1 watch and iphone 6s

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