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    • The 6s plus should be the same size as the 6 plus now, I own the 6 plus and
      it fits in my hand/pocket with no issues at all

    • +Delton Johnson I’m sick of trying to find a place to keep my 6+ when I am
      not wearing a shirt with a pocket. I’m switching back to the 6 size asap.

    • +Allied Envision I’m still kinda of thinking about which one I should get
      because I love my 6 and I’m comfortable with the size of it, but I guess
      it’ll all depend on what they have in the store like every year because
      their in short supply when they first come out

    • +Delton Johnson Hi. Yeah, I had a 6 but I dropped it and smashed the
      screen. While it was back at Apple (the screens in the fix-it stores use
      3rd party screens) I decided to get a 6+ and I sold the 6 when I got it
      back. I thought I would use the big screen for watching YT and stuff, but
      to be honest I was sorry I bought it fairly quickly.
      The 6 used to slid into the coin pocket of my 501’s and would remain snugly
      there even while I was sitting. The 6+ will of course fit into my front and
      back pockets but you risk bending it in the back pockets and in the front
      it just feels uncomfortable.
      I’m definitely going back to the 6 size when the new ones come out, and
      I’ll be selling my 6+.

  1. booting to the gear? if youre gonna show us that, might as well show it
    ACTUALLY booted into the os. but whatever.

    • +MrSwadloon steal ’em from the factory in China… or swipe them from an
      employee in Silicon Valley. Both require the use of “high-tech thief
      gloves” **shown in video**

  2. How ironic, the iPhone is prettier on the inside, with that beautiful red
    thingy, but well whatever.

  3. When Iphone 6s will be released? I mean when gorgeous original Iphone 6
    will be a totally useless crap which nobody wants.

    • +Magic Wind Are you joking? You do realize that the differences between the
      6 and 6s will be very small, and that the 6 will be cheaper to buy than the

    • +Mr Music what constitutes small to you? I’ve heard force touch display,
      13MP iSight camera, 5MP FaceTime camera, A9 SoC (2GB of RAM), new rose gold
      color, fortified aluminum, sapphire glass, no protruding camera. Now, is
      that really small to you?

    • +Matthew Gonzales The 13 MP camera is an improvement, I admit that,
      although I could not care less as I have a main camera that I use to take
      most of my photos. Still, it’s not a huge change, after all, changing
      megapixel count is not always isn’t always the thing that has the biggest
      impact on how a photo looks. As for the A9, it won’t make much difference
      to the performance, the 6 is already plenty fast, and will be for at least
      two more years. The fortified aluminium might happen, but it will be most
      likely useless, as the screen will most likely not be made out of sapphire,
      which would mean that while the aluminium might be tough, the screen will
      still crack under pressure. The removal of the protruding camera, even if
      it happens is a really minor change.

      All in all, these changes are indeed very small, and will have a very small
      impact, but then again that is how it’s supposed to be for any iphone s

      The only interesting feature that might make a bigger impact is the force
      touch technology, although I think that even if it’s introduced, it will
      take quite a while until developers adapt and the technology will be more
      than just a gimmick.

    • +Mr Music It’s a huge change in terms of resolution. The phone would be 4K
      capable, not that I think Apple would enable it not do I care, but that’s
      still a big change all on its own. Plus, just sharper photos will be great
      for cropping, which plenty of people do. Along with the 13MP sensor, the
      aperture will most likely be wider too. There’ll probably be a new lens
      alignment and a next gen ISP. When I say a 13MP camera, I don’t just mean
      the camera. Apple has consistently outdid the previous generation camera
      without increasing megapixels for three generations now, but it appears
      that they’re going to take a leap instead of a step this time around. You
      ignored the FaceTime camera.

      I don’t know what you do with your phone, but everything from loading web
      pages to opening apps, rendering HD videos in iMovie, editing photos in
      Photos, taking video in slow motion, etc. will all have improved
      performance. Even general performance moving around the UI will improve,
      but the apps will tell the story. Right now you have applications that are
      built with your SoC in mind. If the A9 has 2GB or more of RAM, we could
      potentially see bigger applications with increased performance. That’s a
      big potential difference.

      Even if the glass wasn’t sapphire glass, which all current rumors still go
      one way or the other, sapphire glass is scratch resistant. It’s not less
      prone cracking. Nevertheless, these are still two areas that would improve
      the current design greatly.

      The protruding-less camera is a small change in a line of much larger
      changes. I just included it because it was a change on top of others.

      Apple’s own host of apps will no doubt utilize the technology and pose as a
      blueprint for other developers to follow. Hell, even if it only worked with
      Apple’s apps, it has enough potential to pass a common gimmick.

      So now here’s another question: what iPhone do you think was a big change
      from its preceding device? Because honestly, assuming these rumors are
      true, the cameras are the potential biggest improvements ever between any
      generations (and that’s ignoring the potential 6s-only software that might
      be in the new camera app); the A9 looks to double the RAM of the 6, and if
      the A8x is any indication of what’s to come in the A9, it will nearly
      double the power of the A8, reaching to levels that the MacBook occupies;
      sapphire glass would finally solve the issue with screens scratching in
      pockets; there’d be no bending, like how some people were having; no camera
      hump, which also could mean a slightly bigger battery; and Force Touch,
      which Apple already has working in practical ways on Apple Watch and the
      MacBook. What iPhone has there ever been that impacted all of the areas
      here and then so much more to be considered a big change over what came
      before it?

  4. why are all the “leak’ videos so terrible, show the whole phone not a
    zoomed in view, i want to see the rest of it

    • probable because he doesn’t want to get caught. Most likely doing this at
      his place of work and if there is any shots of where he is, he could get
      caught and sued.

  5. That’s a fake iPhone 6s just because that Phone don’t come with a plastic
    that only covers the screen it goes over the back plus the front believe me
    I have a 6s plus

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