iPhone Unlock WITHOUT Passcode Glitch *NEW 2016*

Here's a simple trick I found to unlock an iPhone without having to type in the passcode or use the fingerprint scanner.

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31 Comments on iPhone Unlock WITHOUT Passcode Glitch *NEW 2016*

  1. UPDATE: It seems that apple have fixed this bug, it did work to start with
    but unfortunately it’s been patched. Thank you all for over 400,000 views!
    and I would also like to thank unilad, theladbible and all the other news
    networks that shared this video and made all this possible!

  2. It is lie. Tried on my 5c and 6 by not touching Touch ID(i mean no touching
    it only on 6). Don’t lie to everyone

  3. Still working. I used Siri voice activation by saying hey siri and did the
    same thing without using my finger and it works!

  4. That is a FAKE. Try to unlock with another finger or ask one friend to try
    to do this and you will see thats a bullshit

  5. I can also do this by just spamming and holding the sleep button and the
    home button at the same time on the password screen. It just opens every
    single time. Change it from holding the two then releasing to spamming

  6. Wait nvm and it doesn’t even look like a real iPhone 6 because the power
    button is on top

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