iPhone X review

The iPhone X marks the first major design shift for Apple's iPhones in years, but is it the best iPhone yet?

In the Macworld UK review we put the iPhone X through its paces, testing everything from animoji to fooling FaceID – and reveal just how obvious the infamous notch is in real life.

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  1. Seriously guys. They are fooling you by taking away head phone jack, finger print and giving u a stupid f*** notch. U then go blind and buy it. Can you download torrents, any song from the browser, any video from youtube?. But u pay 1000$. Find what u want, show off and keep it in? Or take it out and use it for daily poductivity?. Think people think. Is it worth. Well i am the first dislike

    • Balaji Prabu torrenting usually leads to piracy but yeah they can usually play any video on YouTube though.

    • Of course you can “play”, but can you download it and save it offline, watch in pc, share it to your friends?. Same about offline tracks, can you?

    • monkiflip15 Its not about the os im complaining about. I am an ipad user too. Just the money we pay for it, and utilities we get from it. Just not worth it

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