iPhone XS/XS Max: top 20+ features

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## Top 20+ iPhone XS features covered in video

– The same internals for both phones
– 6.5-inch display
– New wallpapers
– Stainless steel gold finish
– Improved glass durability
– Better wide-angle camera
– Improved True Tone Flash
– Better True Depth Camera
– Smart HDR
– Adjustable depth of field in post
– Stereo recording for video
– Extended dynamic range for video
– Advanced Face ID
– A12 Bionic
– 512 GB of storage
– Improved water resistance
– eSIM + Dual SIM capability
– Gigabit-class LTE with 4×4 MIMO
– Faster wireless charging
– Improved battery life


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My 🎥🎙gear:
– Sony A7 III:
– Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM:
– Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 GM:
– Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS:
– SmallHD Focus OLED Monitor:
– DJI Ronin-S:
– Sennheiser MKH-416:
– Sennheiser AVX:
– Luxli Timpani:
– Fotodiox 18-inch Flapjack:
– Universal Audio Arrow:


FCPX Plugins by MotionVFX:



41 Comments on iPhone XS/XS Max: top 20+ features

  1. We all agree that not including a fast charger is cheap on Apple’s part, why do we still support them lol? I rather them not include the earphones at this point in exchange for a fast charger.

    • Well, the fast charger is much more expensive than the standard charger, look at the fine prints under the iPhone xs page, you’d see that their fast charging test is conducted via MacBook type c chargers, for xs is 30w, for xs max is 87w, the price tag? B-E-A-Utiful as a new iPhone, $49 and $79 respectively, and you have to purchase a USB-C to lightning cable, which costs $35. I bought an iPhone Xs Max, so I had to spend $114 on the fast charger itself and $50 on a phone case. Accessories made for the company big as Apple will usually result in more than 70% of the profit goes to Apple’s pocket. (So $114 retail vs. $34.2 cost)

      I worked in the cell phone accessories industry for quite a few years, and I can tell you, based on the amount apple acquire, their regular phone charger’s cost is under $2.50/unit, and the cable itself will not exceed $1.75 to make, the headphone will not exceed $2/unit either, it’s their best interest to keep the what they are packing, under the good name of simplistic ideas and betterment for environment. ($2.5+$1.75+$2=$6.25 cost at most)

      $34.2 vs. $6.25, which helps apple makes more money?

      And I have to say the cult of iPhone and the shaming of not using iPhone in my friend circle is ridiculous. I used to own a note 8, and it was an excellent phone, but people give you that look for not holding one, especially you spend an almost same amount of money to buy a smartphone. So here I am, purchased an iPhone, ironically, the fastest wireless charging pad available in the market is the ones Samsung send it to me for free when I bought the note 8, which is $99 market price.

    • r0mediddy I have some 3rd party chargers thatvis smaller then the block Apple sakes for its iPads and I tried to mock up the change in packaging it would require… it’s rough 2.3xs the size of the 5w charger that apple ships and when it comes to charging accessories I think all the resources are being used on AirPower instead of making a smaller quick charger to include in the box

    • r0mediddy I agree. For the price, they probably should be including that in the box. I’d rather they just lower the price though since I don’t use my lightning port anyway.

  2. The reason that Tim Cook gave for the over ridiculous pricing of the new iPhone saying it’s an all in one device is plain stupid.

  3. the internals are not completely identical. The Taptic engine has a different size and many other small differences.
    And it really bothers me, that the XS Max with this way bigger case just has a 500mAh bigger battery… It really should have been about 800-1000 mAh more, just like previous Plus models…
    Especially with this L-formed battery, 3500+ mAh should fit in the Max easily and I really was hoping for such a battery size.

    +1.5h battery life for the XS Max is actually NOT good… The X had a much worse battery life compare to the 8 Plus and now with only 1.5h more on the XS Max means, that the battery life won’t improve but maybe even gets worse compare to the previous Plus models… You should compare the Max to the iPhone Plus models, not to the X…

    • Tim R. Dude there are some battery tests on YouTube, surprisingly the Max’s battery life was better than the note 9, which has a 4000 mAh battery

    • +Lupasco Jeka
      Yeah I never doubt that the XS Max will has a shorter battery life than the Note4. Less than 30% smaller battery + iOS optimization. There was a almost 100% guarantee that the XS Max will last longer.
      But The Note9 doesn’t have a awesome battery life to begin with… I can get up to 9h DoT with 30h of usage on my 8 Plus easily. That’s simply impossible for the Note9.

  4. Wow this phone is a fingerprint magnet! Going case-less is easier because the phone has more grip than the aluminum but I have to keep wiping it off because it shows off fingerprints so well…funny because there’s no touch-ID

  5. The small charger fits better on a strip where you have many plugs. I didn’t believe it when Cook said it until I tried it. Come on now, if you’re on apple subreddit or you visit sites like 9to5mac, appleinsider, or macrumors, you won’t be using this thing anyway. I got my own charger set. The whining about the charger on vloggers/bloggers are really getting tired and old.

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