MacBook Air 2015 review: Should you buy Apple’s new MacBook Air?

We review Apple's new MacBook Air, first released in March 2015, to find out what's new and whether it's worth buying. View the new MacBook Air on the Apple Store:

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27 Comments on MacBook Air 2015 review: Should you buy Apple’s new MacBook Air?

  1. Is the 2015 13-inch MacBook Air is good enough in video editing? Video like
    Documentation (Project) . Or I will buy the MacBook Pro . Or I will wait
    for new updates for the Mac line up . Is there any rumors that the MacBook
    Air will have retina Display ? Or the current display is enough ?

    • +Marc Temones go for the macbook pro for Video editing. You need more power
      for that. Macbook air wont have retina display. The new macbook (which is
      thin like macbook air) has retina display

    • +Manuel da Costa the airs are not that much different than the 13 inch pro
      in terms of performance, in fact the i7 in the air is more powerful than
      the i5 in the pro and cheaper, i think the air will be fine

  2. Would you recommend a first time Mac buyer this laptop? It will be used for
    browsing the web and school work. No gaming or anything major. 

    • +Ropes losso This laptop will be great for that! In my opinion though, the
      macbook pro is more worth it. You get a gorgeous retina display, more
      power, and the new force touch trackpad. All that for $200 more. I think if
      you’re going to spend so much to get a mac then you should go with the pro
      🙂 It’s the most worth it one. Plus you get 8GB of ram and after this year,
      I think all Macs will come out with a retina display and force touch
      trackpad. Then you’ll be stuck with the air that lacks these features even
      though it’s only a year old. The MacBook pro is more future proof in my
      opinion 🙂 But this is all my opinion. If you couldn’t care less about the
      display or having new features, then go for the air 🙂

    • +eastside847 Thats what i am using it for! First time mac user too, and its
      great as a “cheaper” introduction. Just a few things to note
      – Dont use this as your main PC if you need a lot of storage
      – No gaming on this at all. Seriously, it struggles with very basic games
      and the heat is terrible

      For everything else tho, it runs very fast, multitasking feels smooth, web
      browsing, school work, etc is all great, and light video editing is fine too

  3. I look at these laptops as a very good secondary laptop not as your main.
    If you wanna get good performance, good gaming, ultra thin/light and
    amazing battery life at the same time then you have to wait for couple of

  4. 3:25 yo are saying Windows Laptops!! Crap!!! Many Many MAny MANY MANY MANY
    newer Windows Laptops have similar PCIE storage with arount 1400 MB/s read
    speed. iSheep!!

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