macOS Sierra: new features and changes

A hands-on look at macOS Sierra. We break down some of the obvious new features like Siri, and some of the more hidden features that you might not know about. Read more about macOS Sierra here:

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72 Comments on macOS Sierra: new features and changes

  1. Most likely will have a lot of bugs like wifi bug again when they finally
    release it in the fall. Just like el capitan did. Definitely not gonna make
    mistake this time and upgrade.

  2. 14:20 Performance reduction! – It’s MacBook 12 2016 m5 and a simple movie
    playback with QT Player made it that hot?

  3. Are there essential improvements to Photos? It currently lacks so many
    basics features and is so unintuitive, I switched back to Aperture.

    • Finally someone who agrees with my opinion haha. I actually left any kind
      of photo app, aside. I prefer photos like they are on Windows. Just, there,
      in ordinary folders…

    • There’s also a Photos app on Windows though. But it’s also in addition to
      the folders, so I see your point.

  4. Universal Clipboard doesn’t work here… It just doesn’t transmit the new
    copied text to the other device… iOS 10, macOS Sierra, Bluetooth enabled,
    same wLan Network.

  5. The universal clipboard sounds really awesome, except for when you have
    copied an important item for multiple paste needs in Excel, but while still
    editing the document on your Mac, you copy a funny text from your iPhone.
    Now all of a sudden you start pasting funny text into your spreadsheet
    instead of the important information you wanted to keep in your clipboard.

    • I think that apple should include a dropdown menu for the paste option
      saying: paste from (iPhone name), paste from (iPad name), paste from (iMac
      name) etc. That would solve that problem.

    • +ZSB 410 I’d normally disable that kind of feature but if your idea came
      true I’d enable it.

    • +KpKomedy well yea, but nowadays these screen recordings shouldn’t even be
      noticed in terms of lagg etc, especially when recording just desktop/text
      editing documents etc.

    • +Luka Cadež It’s not really about the power of the computer, people focus
      too much on power but if the program you are using is not optimised then
      the power is irrelevant.

    • it’s a MacBook (the new one)- i guess recording at that resolution is too
      much for the processor to handle. every single recent mac i’ve seen except
      for this one handles it like a champ though.

    • It may very well be recording lag. However, if it is the OS itself, it is
      justified considering this is the first of many beta versions to come
      before final release, and things such as lag and crashes are normal and
      should be taken with a grain of salt. However, from my experience, using
      the betas for iOS 10 and watchOS 3, things are already pretty stable and
      smooth for the most part — no serious lag aside from just a bit in the
      interface animations, no significant battery drain, and few memory-leak
      reboots. While I am not using this beta and cannot confirm it, I would
      imagine based on the aforementioned alone that macOS Sierra reflects a
      similar degree of quality given its current (as of this comment) beta 1

      Which compels me to believe that it is still, more likely, a result of the
      screen being recorded.

    • An ssd really makes performance so much faster. If you have an old 5400 rpm
      drive that may be the bottleneck.

    • That is absolutely the bottleneck. My 2011 runs 10 Programs at once without
      any problems. The current Macbook Pro scores like 10% better than mine in
      benchmarks, CPU Power hasn’t really improved a lot in Notebooks since 2011.

    • Not really, just take of the bottom cover, take out two more screws and you
      can fit the SSD. Good opportunity to clean the heatsinks 😉

  6. I won’t upgrade (MBP 2015). There is not one single feature that I need,
    and I’m worried about my speed.

    • +Marshall Smith thanks. That really stinks considering the messages
      integration is something I use the most.

    • +Ron S It’s always seemed to me messages in iOS and OS X are slightly
      separate. Your messages are cached locally instead of in the cloud so you
      can access them at a later date. That’s Apple’s thinking at least.

    • Is there at least an option in MacOS to delete all messages now? I always
      have to delete them one at a time since they build up over time.

    • I don’t think theres a command to delete all unless you find the folder in
      your Library folder and delete it but you can always press command+delete
      to delete individual conversations. it shouldn’t take that long to delete
      all by going through them and deleting the ones you don’t want.

  7. How about ability to exclude video when importing into Photos? Why do we
    need to load our multi gigabyte 4k videos from our iPhones into our Photos
    library 🙁 and don’t get me started about having to sync these massive
    files with iCould photo library too.

    • That is so sad. I like Macs but fanatics like this guy make me fucking
      cringe and want to switch back to Windows. Or Ubuntu.

    • I just need a fekin computer . Windows .. mac.. Linux as long as the damn
      thing works. All computers have their problems…. Here today gone
      tomorrow. Cheers!

    • +Firebrand Onfire I was referring to the reviewer not you my man. His
      excitement over the magical way icons move was second to none in cringe

  8. is is just more or every time my computer locks when i unlock it i can’t
    click. anyone know a fix to that?

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