OS X Yosemite Overview

OS X Yosemite, Apple's newest Mac operating system, introduces a flatter, more modern iOS 7-style look that emphasizes translucency, streamlined toolbars, and smarter controls.

Along with a new look, OS X Yosemite includes several feature improvements, like a "Today" view in Notification Center that offers integration with third-party apps and an improved Spotlight search that pulls in data from new sources.

Apple has also added improvements to several core apps, bringing a new look to Safari and new features to the Mail app, like Mail Drop, for attachments up to 5GB and Markup, which lets users make annotations to images and documents from within the Mail app.

Yosemite's most notable feature set is "Continuity," which allows the new OS to integrate deeply with iOS 8. With Handoff, users can start a task on one device and complete it on another with a seamless transition, and another Continuity feature, SMS relay, will let users answer phone calls on their Macs.

Yosemite is available as a free download to all Mac users beginning on October 16. For more information on the new operating system, make sure to check out our OS X Yosemite Roundup:



52 Comments on OS X Yosemite Overview

  1. I’ve just updated my late 2013 13inch MacBook Air and whenever I turn on
    the computer, theres like a loading bar below the Apple Logo that takes a
    few seconds longer to load. Is anyone having the same problem or is it just
    mine.. or is it just how its supposed to be now? It seems to have almost
    double my boot up time.

    Also, when watching videos on full screen (netflix, youtube, everything
    else), the mouse seems a little iffy as it would completely disappear and
    it will only reappear when u click the mouse which usually pause the vids,
    its kind of annoying. Also when clicking on things it doesn’t really
    highlight it or show any indication that I’ve clicked it, this only seem to
    occur on web browser.

    Not sure if what I’m experiencing is just bugs or not but I’ve experienced
    a LOT of strange bugs with the cursor.

    If anyone has these same problems please let me know. 

    • Every time I start my computer I get a gray screen loading bar. When its
      alseep I usually don’t get the gray screen. Also the login screen doesn’t
      always sync with my background.

    • Hey im on a macbook air 13″ 4gb ram the usual i have open this page with
      the video playing and im doing a restart and timed it, i too get a loading
      bar. My time was 17seconds exactly its 3 seconds faster for me than it used
      to be.

    • +Daniel Amspaugh Good Choice I Installed Yosemite And When I Tried To Run
      Some Programs They Crashed And They Were The Latest Version ANd When Using
      Google Chrome The Webpage Will Flash As Hell When You Move The Mouse Or
      Watch A Video

  2. I think you need to know the MS Dos computing wise is much more advanced
    than Mac OSX.
    Even that it was only 16bit the way it handled floating point is light
    years ahead of Mac OSX. +tommi Apopisso knows it is much more reliable too.
    Have you ever heard of MS Dos crashing? 

    • +Stewart Craig my main computer that runs on DOS, it loads faster than any
      latest system even if they have SSD and never have to worry about
      applications crushing, what is better than seen a FDD

  3. yuck, the old osx look was way better, even the dock was all 3d and cool
    looking. I beleive it had animations when you would minimize and stuff too

  4. Honestly I believe that all this Apple hate or Windows hate is just a big
    game and is pointless. Both OSs are great. I even own both Windows and Mac,
    but I personally lean a bit more towards Windows, but thats an opinion.
    It’s a choice. And that’s why there is Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. So we all
    have a choice. A choice that suffices out different uses. 

  5. Why design a OS for your computer the same as the OS for your phone/ipad?
    The same is said about Windows. It makes NO FUCKING SENSE! I like the OS
    for the phone, but it’s designed so that the phone/pad will work fluently,
    because of the size of the device. Why would I want my desktop to work as
    my phone, it makes the desktop less powerful and user-friendly because you
    are now limiting the desktop’s size and ease of use. Also, I hate how you
    HAVE to use Cloud now no matter what to share your things with your
    computer. BULLSHIT!!!

  6. I have a 2012 MacBook Pro ( 13″ ) and until I went with Yosemite I loved it
    now my computer is miserable and slow and always a hassle. HATE IT!!!

  7. I don’t personally have any problems with this UI. I don’t like everything
    about it, but I guess it’s okay.

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