Taking Screenshots in iOS 11: A look at 10+ handy tips

Taking screenshots is a lot more robust in iOS 11. Subscribe ► | Read full article ►

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31 Comments on Taking Screenshots in iOS 11: A look at 10+ handy tips

  1. It’s a cool and useful video. But I don’t know you know it or not. But we can take screenshots with Command+Shift+3 in iOS 10.

  2. Yes, you can also drag and drop after marking up. Just press the Home button. Works kinda like PiP.

  3. My favorite shortcut for my jailbroken iOS 10
    On my Mac Command+space=spotlight

  4. Is it just me or is Twitter/Facebook log in missing? When I try to use Twitter from the share sheet, it says I need to log in from settings but the panel isn’t there anymore

  5. Hello 9to5Mac. Will you help other youtube channel to grow up (for example: from 10-50 subscribers to 100-500 subscribers)?

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