15 Comments on Using Apple Pay in the UK

  1. +Macworld UK one question ive been trying to get my head around, would you need mobile data/ internet access to actually use apple pay in stores ?

  2. I thinking of adding this to my phone after reading about the dangers of folks scanning your cards in your wallet with a RDIF scanner, is there a way they can scan your iPhone?

    • +Steve C they probably can scan your iphone but they would need your finger on the touch id for it to go through.

    • Steve C like the comment above said, they’d need your fingerprint in order to transmit any information to begin with. Let’s suppose they cut your finger off, the information a hacker would get, be useless. in the process of tokenzation, your card information is spoofed by your bank for security. It’s very very very hard to steal any bank information. Not impossible, just very hard.

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