15 new iOS 10 beta 3 features / changes!

A hands-on look at 15 new iOS 10 features with commentary. Below is a list of everything touched on in this video.

Keyboard sound from iOS 10 beta 1 returns
New lock sound
Haptic feedback on manual lock
Clock in status bar on widgets view
Send files to iCloud Drive from Safari and Mail
Downloaded music label returns
Image picker in Messages no longer crops images to squares
Rest Finger to Open Accessibility option now works as expected
New "Share (name of app)" language when 3D touching an App Store app icon
Siri App Support panel in Siri's preferences
Your Library appears first when searching in the Music app
"Subscribe" to playlists
New text tags below video placeholders in Health app
Now-typing indicator for GIF images in Messages app
New hub section in Home app preferences



26 Comments on 15 new iOS 10 beta 3 features / changes!

  1. really nice video, and you’re the first of all channels I’m subscribed to,
    perfect work !

  2. Also, at least for me, updates don’t automatically start when opening the
    app store like previous betas. You know have to hit update like it was in
    iOS 9. Small change just thought I’d point it out!

  3. how to install ios beta 3? i have ios 10beta but it doesnt show in my
    softwre update. i have 6s+

    • It made me download the beta 2 just yesterday I had no idea there was a 3 I
      think it just might be a delay

  4. Where’s the dark mode and background incoming call popup feature…..apple
    must add this, cud b a big selling point.

  5. Can you help me? In message app i don’t have the search pictures to send in
    messages i have everything except that

  6. Guys, I have a problem. I was playing Pokemon GO when suddenly my iPhone 5
    turned off by itself. I tried to restore it, but Error 27 appeared in my
    computer screen. It won’t get through beyond Apple logo and always turned
    off immediately by itself when the process was reaching the Apple logo. I
    am on iOS 10 Beta 3 and updated yesterday (07/20). Can you help me out,
    guys? What’s wrong with my iPhone? Thanks.

    • try this first.1. plug your phone into your pc and connect it with iTunes2.
      press and hold both the power and home buttons until the phone shuts off3.
      right when it turns off release the power button and continue holding the
      home button4. iTunes should display a message that it detects a phone in
      recovery mode5. go into iTunes and restore your phone back to 9.3.3 6.
      iTunes should go out and download the latest 9.3.3 OS for you (it may take
      up to 20 min according to your internet speed) 7. once done downloading
      iTunes should restore your phone

  7. The Share app option upon 3D Touching an app is so lame. I’m pretty sure
    nobody uses that, at least not frequently.

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