20+ HomePod Tips! [9to5Mac]

New to HomePod, check out 20+ tips for beginners, but even those who aren't beginners may learn a thing or two. Please 👍🏽 if you like & ▶️ Subscribe ► – Click 🔔 to get notified about new vids.

# Tips covered:
– How to access HomePod settings
– How to rename HomePod
– How to talk to Siri
– How to disable ‘Hey Siri’
– How to control HomeKit accessories
– How to set alarms on HomePod
– How to play music with HomePod
– How to adjust HomePod volume
– How to control music playback
– How to pause/play music from the Home app
– How to play similar music on HomePod
– How to add a song to your library using Siri
– How to play Podcasts on HomePod
– Request the latest news from Siri
– How to add a song to Up Next using Siri
– Access HomePod Now Playing from Control Center
– How to fully control Apple Music on HomePod from an iOS device
– Share the Up Next queue
– How to transfer a phone call to HomePod
– How to output sound via Apple TV
– How to control Apple TV playback features
– How to AirPlay to HomePod from Mac
– How to AirPlay to multiple HomePods using AirFoil
– How to reset the HomePod

## Favorite apps:
LumaFusion (iOS):
Final Cut Pro X (Mac):
Pixelmator (Mac):
Affinity Designer (Mac):
Affinity Photo (Mac):
Affinity Photo (iPad):
Filmic Pro (iOS):
Ferrite (iOS):
Ulysses (iOS):
Ulysses (Mac):

## FCPX Plugins by MotionVFX: ##

## Favorite gear:
Panasonic GH5:
Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8:
10.5-inch iPad Pro:
Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard:

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25 Comments on 20+ HomePod Tips! [9to5Mac]

  1. Thanks for not saying hey Siri. I bought one, it’s a pretty decent speaker for the size. But I sure hope they do some updates for functionality. Right now the Amazon echo which I’ve had for two years is much much smarter. But there is potential here.

    • Yeah, dyslexic after so much testing. I had it right in the written portion, but got signals crossed in video. derp.

  2. Hi 9to5Mac, unrelated question : which HomeKit accessories do you use? and how is it configured? maybe a setup vid? ^_^

  3. i think that nobody really purchase these homepods, just some youtubers thing 😀 just because their price which is too high for features what you get with it.

  4. I want it but I use Spotify over Apple Music for lots of reasons so only reason stops me from jumping in…
    That would like look nice in my living room!

  5. Jeff it is nice to get an intelligent example of what this product can do. I used to count on Apple Byte, but their influence by Google has tarnished the reputation.

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