50 Spark Getting Started Tips

Spark is one of the best third-party email apps available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Read our full post:

Watch as I break down 50 getting started details about Spark. Spark can be downloaded for free:

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22 Comments on 50 Spark Getting Started Tips

  1. Straight to points, no useless bullshitting. And this is why I like Jeff.
    It’s cool, but I don’t use email that much. I can imagine that business people (I crie erryday that I’m not) might find this incredibly handy.

  2. Very useful video jeff! Is there a way to customize smart notifications? I often find myself not getting notifications for emails I would like to be notified. That is my only problem with this app.

  3. I am putting this on my wife’s phone and tablet tomorrow I thought your video would be good tutorial. she is very non computer and does not like change. You hit on everything I needed to show her problem is you were at hyper speed ….video useless

    • You can hit the cog settings on the video and play at the speed you prefer. He sounds a little drunk at half-speed, but you can pace it more easily if its slower. The pitch is the same. (I just stopped and started the video as I made notes.)

  4. Hi Jeff. I love your fast and concise approach to demonstrating this incredible app.
    I can’t seem to find a way to add folders and sub folders to my Gmail account attached. Can you help please?

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