50 Spark Getting Started Tips

Spark is one of the best third-party email apps available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Read our full post:

Watch as I break down 50 getting started details about Spark. Spark can be downloaded for free:

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22 Comments on 50 Spark Getting Started Tips

  1. Straight to points, no useless bullshitting. And this is why I like Jeff.
    It’s cool, but I don’t use email that much. I can imagine that business people (I crie erryday that I’m not) might find this incredibly handy.

  2. Very useful video jeff! Is there a way to customize smart notifications? I often find myself not getting notifications for emails I would like to be notified. That is my only problem with this app.

  3. One thing you didn’t cover is how to get a notification when someone reads an email you sent how do I set that up?

  4. I am putting this on my wife’s phone and tablet tomorrow I thought your video would be good tutorial. she is very non computer and does not like change. You hit on everything I needed to show her problem is you were at hyper speed ….video useless

    • You can hit the cog settings on the video and play at the speed you prefer. He sounds a little drunk at half-speed, but you can pace it more easily if its slower. The pitch is the same. (I just stopped and started the video as I made notes.)

  5. Thank you! You covered so much quickly, but enabled me to know what it can do. Well done…. Will get this app for my iPad, iMac and iPhone!

  6. Really 50 is over whelming. You should have broken it down into at least 20, and then make them basic/advanced/expert levels.

  7. Hi Jeff. I love your fast and concise approach to demonstrating this incredible app.
    I can’t seem to find a way to add folders and sub folders to my Gmail account attached. Can you help please?

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