New Siri Remote scrubbing behavior on tvOS 9.2 beta 4

The Apple TV's Siri Remote got new scrubbing behavior on tvOS 9.2 beta 4. Now, you'll need to click the remote to pause video before you can initiate scrubbing. This fixes the problem of inadvertent scrubs when accidentally swiping the Touch surface on the Siri Remote. Read full story:

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17 Comments on New Siri Remote scrubbing behavior on tvOS 9.2 beta 4

  1. This is really huge for me. I just drop my Apple Remote in my bed while I’m watching and then when I search for it I always mess up my movie.

  2. jefffffffffff. I swear that I only follow 9to5Mac and iDB, and it’s really great to hear your voice again. Congrats on the move, man!

    • +ethobot Same here. Needed some time to get used to this, but now I do feel it right away. And still you can feel it at the surface. The touch surface feels differently from the other side. May not be as obvious as feeling at the buttons, but still. 😛

  3. The real problem isn’t the sensitivity of the Touch surface: it’s the obnoxious symmetry of the entire remote. When you pick up the Siri Remote it should *feel* obvious which side is up and forward. Your brain should not have to do a tactile analysis between the glass and the polished aluminum. And you certainly shouldn’t have to look at the remote to reorient it. Why are we sacrificing muscle memory in favor of visual symmetry??

    Also, most people get very annoyed when you introduce a UX function and then decide to take it away. (Think back to iPad Rotation Lock becomes iPad Mute Switch and both become software only functions) Is the sensitivity of the “pause-and-scrub” Touch surface a problem? Yes – for the first few weeks – it is very odd. Do most of us become accustomed to it? Yes we do – to the point where the speed of scrubbing is now highly appreciated. This is about muscle memory but also conceptual modeling. Sure, I can learn this new two-step method “of pause-and-scrub” but why must I spend my time relearning a product I already own??

    I don’t understand this UX waffling. S#!t or get off the pot.

  4. Great to hear your voice again. Found this video link in Flipboard and saw your name attached to it and man was I happy. Great move to 9to5 Mac. They got good sources. Hope you do a podcast with 9to5 Mac. Crossing my fingers. Great video as always.

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