75 new iOS 10 features / changes!

A hands-on look at 75 new iOS 10 features with commentary. Visit for more details. Below is a list of everything touched on in this video.

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tvOS 10:

New iOS 10 wallpaper
New folder look and animation
Bolder typeface
Raise to Wake (Settings → Display & Brightness)
Remove stock apps
App Store ads
New smaller "back-to-app" button in status bar
Siri's more prominent place in Settings
iCloud Drive Desktop folder
Shared Notes collaboration
Faster FaceTime connectivity
Watch app Face Gallery
Separate Mail, Contacts & Calendars sections in Settings
Apple Pay via Safari (Settings → Safari → Check for Apple Pay)
Redesigned Contacts app
Videos (Playback Quality on Wi-Fi and Cellular)
Redesigned Control Center
AirPlay Mirroring now called AirPlay Screen
Separate media and AirPlay audio/video controls
3D Touch on quick launch shortcuts in Control Center
Widgets no longer appear in Notification Center on Home screen
New widgets
View widgets using 3D Touch
Adding new widgets
Spotlight search history
Enhanced interactive notifications
Unlimited tabs in Safari
Safari Split View
New media attachment interface
Markup images
Inline video
Inline links
Digital Touch
Digital Touch for photos and video
Send with bubble effect (Slam, loud, gentle, invisible ink)
Send with screen effect (Balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks, shooting star)
App Store for iMessage (Stickers, apps)
Tap to replace emoji
Send read receipts by conversation
Keyboard Contextual Predictions
New Keyboard click sound
Multilingual typing
Calendar Time to Leave/Location suggestion
Calendar Found Events
Conversation view in Mail
Mail filters
Side-by-side Mail compose iPad
Mailbox column
Suggested move folder for Mail
Most recent message at top (threaded messages)
Unsubscribe from mailing lists
Clock app Dark theme
Bedtime Wake Alarm
Redesigned chronograph stopwatch interface
3D Touch Timer in Control Center
New Home app
Health app changes and videos
Activity app Share Activity
App Store Categories tab returns, Explore tab nixed
Music app features Split View on iPad
Automatically Download Music
Manage downloaded music
Optimize storage for music
Music app interface changes
Search photos by people and things
Photos app Memories tab
Photos app search enhancements
Edit Live Photos
Live Filters for Live Photos
Markup photos
Improved Auto Enhance in Photos
Brilliance adjustment slider in Photos
New News app icon and UI
Sort Favorites in News app
Maps app redesigned interface
Swift Playgrounds app


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72 Comments on 75 new iOS 10 features / changes!

  1. Yes, this video is 30+ minutes long. It’s absurdly long, and I’ll probably
    never do a video this long again. I started and I couldn’t stop, but lesson
    learned. *o*/ I guess you can just look at it as my initial iOS 10
    commentary. Obv. not all features are covered, but lots are. Which feature
    do you like this best? I’ll have many more videos covering individual
    features over the next few weeks.

    • Probably when a new design trend booms. I don’t see that happening for at
      least another 5 years.

  2. I feel widgets and notifications are too thick and clunky
    they need to be slimmed down a bit

    • And you’re in luck!
      If you follow this link ( https//goo.gl/zzzSLI) install the beta but first
      make sure you don’t have any already a beta installed then update like

  3. Great presentation skills, Apple should consider letting Jeff present the
    next iPhone on stage.

  4. extremely well done jeff! very in depth! Has the volume hud been moved
    finally!?! As silly as it may sound, if it hasn’t i’m done with IOS..Its
    the straw that broke the camels back. lol

  5. Best feature review of iOS 10 I’ve seen. So much better than the 2 minute
    snippets everyone else posts. Did you say unlimited Safari tabs?

    • It does a bit. On my 6S, it’s probably a bit better (less pixels to push),
      but it does stutter and lag a fair amount. This will obviously be fixed
      with future betas and 10.0.X updates, but it’s still very usable.

    • If you turn off raise to wake then the battery will significantly
      improve… If you want the beta then you should check out
      EverythingApplePro’s channel.

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