Final Cut Pro X: Library management and organization

In this first tutorial, I discuss Library, Event, Project, and Smart/Keyword Collection organizational structure. Read our full tutorial: You can purchase Final Cut Pro X here: or download a trial here:

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27 Comments on Final Cut Pro X: Library management and organization

  1. Great video! I’m starting out with FCPX and thanks for showing how to put my library on my external hard drive and clearly explaining, libraries, events and projects.

  2. This was so well done (logical, and easy to understand). I paid for a tutorial, and you covered this subject in a much more easily understandable way. Thanks.

  3. Thanks. That’s what I was looking for) You really know what u are talking about and it’s awesome

  4. I’m still completely lost, after watching countess tutorials about this same topic:
    1: Why don’t we start by creating a PROJECt? Isn’t that the top-most “thing?”
    2: Why must all my files be DUPLICATED?
    3: Can’t I just store EVERYTHING on my edit drive?
    4: Why can’t I create a new library, project or whatever, within a SUB-folder on my edit drive?
    5: Why can’t I move them afterwards with the finder?
    6: How do I ove them from within FCPx?

    • I’ve been using macs for nearly 20 years, I know my way around file structure pretty well. FCPX has made a complete mess of my drives, I’m constantly getting “missing file”. Complete mess and I cant get my head around this organisation at all.

  5. Hi Jeff, thanks for the Tutorial. One question: I would like to store/save the raw edited files for use in the future if my clients want any minor adjustments. It seems that FCPx renders all files when saved. HELP!!

  6. New to Final Cut and this was extremely helpful! The best explanation of libraries events and projects! Subscribed.

  7. Excellent tutorial. I would always create a new event in the past. This tutorial made me realize I can just use the event that was automatically created when the library was created. Subscribed!

  8. excellent tutorial! I’ve watched a few videos explaining this topic but your video makes the most sense to me. Thanks!

  9. Very clear explanation- library/event/project are such non-descriptive terms used in a non-intuitive way (for me). I hate being unorganized with files; this video was very helpful!

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