HyperDock: Add app preview windows to the Dock on OS X

HyperDock is an awesome Mac utility that lets you hover over icons in your Mac's Dock to see previews of open windows associated with an application. It's $9.99 on the Mac App Store, and $6.95 when purchased directly. Links below:

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23 Comments on HyperDock: Add app preview windows to the Dock on OS X

  1. I instantly subscribed, when I found this channel. I was really sad when you left iDownloadBlog, but hearing your voice made me happy again. I really hope this channel gets as big as iDownloadBlog or even bigger. Also nice Utility, gonna buy it, cause I recently switched from Windows to Mac and the first thing I didn’t like was the lack of window snapping. But the preview thingy is also quiet nice. However:

    This is mö, with the comment section xD

  2. It helps a lot… Thank you very much for sharing this.
    I just started using iMac and I was missing these features very much. Please keep sharing tips and tricks like this.

  3. Just subscribed to your channel… Looking forward to see more tips and tricks like this

  4. Whenever I drag a window to a snapping point it pops up with a blue section instead of like yours where it’s a grey section that grows?

  5. I dowloaded. this app I installed it but I wasn’t getting any previews so didn’t work for me not. sure why I’m using new MacBook Pro 13 with touch bar

  6. I’m pretty new to MacOS and I’m surprised that Apple haven’t included such a feature right off the bat. I’m wondering whether they’re planning on including one with the next MacOS updates, if they aren’t – I’ll just go ahead and purchase the HyperDock.

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