19 Comments on Hands-on Hyper Wireless Chargers for iPhone – [Sponsored]

  1. REALLY disappointed with this company. Have not received my hub as yet and get the runaround when I email them.

  2. Does the Hyper Drive work with 3rd Gen iPad Pro? The hub would be great in combination with the iPad Pro.

  3. I feel like this will work great with my iPad Pro 12.9 2018. I use the iPad Pro as my only computer and have been deciding if I should get a usbc hub. If I’m honest I don’t need it, so I decided not to. However I did want to replace my wireless charger on my desk. This allows me to replace my charger on my desk, have extra ports if I ever need it, connect a display and charge my iPad without running a super long cord to the wall. I like it.

  4. How well does that car charger work with an iPhone XS Max with a smart battery case? My current car mount struggles to hold this thick phone!

  5. Why I thought they created a hook on to the back of the iPhone to charge it sending a signal to dock charger it without a portable battery inside, apple need to creative it a way to charge phones without connecting to the wall or portable chargers something similar to solar energy charging

  6. Look at 3:24 .This is a very common issue with almost every iPhone X and above. This doesn’t happen that often. The iPhone doesn’t charge wireless unless you tap the phone.

  7. That’s one ugly product. When ever I see stuff this badly designed I think of Jobs comment about microsoft: They just have no taste.

  8. 60$ 80$ 160$ lmao
    ill go aliexpress then. no point to make it that expensive, i know they definitely are good quality. but hehe.

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