Yoink: Move files around OS X more efficiently

Yoink is an awesome Mac App Store utility that makes it easier to move files around on your Mac, especially when using full screen apps. You can get it from the Mac App Store for $6.99:

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13 Comments on Yoink: Move files around OS X more efficiently

  1. Jeff “It’s called Yoink”
    Me “Sounds good”
    Jeff “You can store files”
    Me “Hey that’s cool!”
    Jeff “I use it everyday”
    Me “OK, I’ll install it!”
    Jeff “It’s $6.99”
    Me “Nah”

  2. Or you can just cmd+tab to a desired application while holding your selected files.
    Still, interesting app though.

  3. If I drag a file from Yoink into Final Cut Pro does it link the file to it’s original location? In other words, if I delete it from Yoink will it be a problem in FCPX?

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