57 Comments on Hands-On With iOS 10’s Redesigned Maps App

    • As an iPhone user I can’t see myself trusting any application powered by
      TomTom data. Not to mention, I already have Google now integrated into my
      phone along with Google maps. These “new” features they want to add are
      nice, but to be honest Google has already done it and is doing it much
      better. So I can’t really see myself switching to iOS maps, especially
      since I know it’s gonna be buggy as hell.

    • +Justin R That’s how I feel. I’ve been using Google Maps forever and there
      are zero issues. I use it to walk, drive, and use transit just about every
      day for years.

  1. Really? this is new ? hahaha Been in Android for a very long time. wow
    Apple, Welcome to the 21st century

    • +Anjel DQP 1. Why would I want to pay more for a phone that doesn’t have as
      many features as it’s cheaper counter part?
      2. Some samsung phones come pretty close to the price of iPhone
      3. I owned an iPhone before realizing how much I was missing out on, so I’m
      not poor or cheap.
      4. 90% of features on androids are constantly being improved and upgraded,
      so very little are unpolished
      5. You can only get viruses on android if you’re dumb. Also just as a back
      up, you can get virus scanners for your phone.
      6. I noticed apple users complain about android USERS instead if the
      phones, while android users complain about the phones themselves, not just
      making mindless insults.

    • +Paul Khayet “so it isn’t apple phones costing more it is just apple
      selling it for more.”

      Yeah…. you just contradicted yourself, but ok.

      “Why do you always see rich people with Android?” Umm, that whole statement
      hinges on your definition of ‘rich”. Also, you’re only giving an anecdote
      to something you really don’t have any proof of.

      Nice try though 😉

    • +Airplane Spotting HD Your whole argument is based on your preferences.
      People like what they like. I never said you were wrong for liking what you
      like, but you’re asking me why you should like Apple when that was never a
      statement I made.

      My comment is about Apple haters/Android Users always having to justify
      their hatred of Apple and their love of Android as if people care. Android
      videos/articles don’t nearly get as many views as Apple because Apple
      generates more interest from their fans and from their haters. It’s partly
      why their haters are constantly bashing Apple.. because of Apple getting
      all the attention.

  2. I tried Apple maps when it first came out and it asked me to make a u-turn
    on an emergency only split on the middle of the turnpike. Used it again
    last month just to check it out and it asked me to make a left after I had
    already passed my destination. I’m sticking with google maps.

    • Hmm. I’ve never had a problem with Apple maps. I don’t think it’s an
      amazing navigation app but it gets the job done and I like Siri’s voice
      over google’s voice 😛

    • +Magic Man Oh no! Ad hominem! It burns! Hey, unless you’re going to
      actually make an attempt to understand how to hold an intelligible
      conversation, I recommend you don’t say anything. Don’t expect a response
      from me until you can hold a decent discussion online without getting testy
      because you mistook the purpose of someone’s comment.

    • +Noble1xCarter Stop arguing, Noble you wrote it in a style that it sounded
      like you were countering the filthyfrank guy. Just stop arguing and keep
      scrolling. 🙂

  3. I’m not upgrading to iOS 10. This is the final straw for Apple and I can’t
    take them anymore.

  4. Don’t update, it only makes your phone slower with claims of updates will
    make your phone faster. Apple just wants you to spend more money on another
    phone by making you think that your phone is dying out with their shitty

    • Not really a good thing I use both android and apple and I prefer IOS over
      android but as we all know customization wise android is unbeatable

  5. When will apple learn that we don’t want Siri or updates that just down
    grade your phone

    • It has a lot more features and is much more refined. Just download it. It
      is on iOS and Android

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