How to UPGRADE RAM in the 2018 Mac mini & save $$$!

Save lots of money by upgrading your 2018 Mac mini RAM yourself.
Read full tutorial ► ► Crucial 32GB RAM: | Mac mini 2018: | Sponsor: Opsgenie – – Modern Incident Management.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit:

**Disclaimer: Apple officially recommends taking your Mac mini to the Apple Store to perform RAM upgrades. Proceed at your own risk.**


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33 Comments on How to UPGRADE RAM in the 2018 Mac mini & save $$$!

  1. 5:40 Woahhhh strange. It’s just a surface mounted connector. You can even pull straight up on the cables near the connector and it will pop straight out—or at least it should. Strange yours was so difficult. It’s a piece of cake! Also, for those struggling to remove the power connector (5:17), it’s a lot easier to remove it once you’ve slid the motherboard tray out a little bit (at 6:43). Makes it so you don’t have to reach your fingers underneath the case.

    • I know?! it’s nuts! Was I doing something wrong? I literally tried removing this for 30 mins (pulling up to remove it from socket) and it would not budge. And just got frustrated and pulled the pins. Everything else was cake!

  2. Removing that one cable by prying up is one of the easiest things (coming from a repair technician). Removing the leads was a pretty bad idea, but it worked, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone do this.

    • Did mine this week but I never fucked up the cable doing it!!!! Jesus. Advising folks to shear wires in a brand new mac is asking to void your warranty!!!!

  3. Is there any reason why Apple doesn’t have upgradable RAM and internal storage besides making you spend more money?

    • Soldering the storage allows them to more easily run it at super fast speeds — faster than most any SSD you could buy third party.

    • Connor Griffin Music somebody who actually understands this! I hate when people complain about that but don’t mention that not only is apples flash storage some of the fastest in the market but can also be hardware encrypted on the fly thanks to the t1 and new t2 chips. As for ram I’m fine with it being solderd in the MacBook Pro because the thinness and lightness is a huge plus for me, but glad we can do this on the mini.

  4. Strange you didn’t suggest people just get the cheaper ifixit essentials toolkit which includes everything needed to do this upgrade and is cheaper…

  5. I just can’t justify $800 for i3 8g ram computer…. this was meant to be cheapest way to use Mac OS.. will wait $500

    • Kevin Cho the i3 8th gen is quad cores processor which run pretty good scores 4900/24000 on Geekbench 4, also you get 4 thunderbolt-3 (equals to thunderbolt-3 port on imac pro) that allow you to connect 5k monitor, eGPU. What else do you want?

  6. The internals of Apple products look so nice. They have a nice color scheme. The internals of my Lenovo laptop is ugly blue and greens. Apple products are a nice black with grey and some bronze. If they made a clear iPhone or Mac mini, it would still look better than PCs

  7. Has anybody confirmed if this voids your warranty Or not, even though the Apple said: “user upgradable”? Thanks for the great videos as always.

  8. For crying out loud…. I’ve come to realize that watching YouTube videos of this kind is infuriating and pain-stacking for that matter, rather than insightful.
    What adds insult to injury, is to hear you guys voicing over the darn thing with gentle voices that project happy – shiny feelings and attitudes as if all this torturing crap inflicted by Apple’s abject stance, were normal.
    When otherwise, I would expect you to start or end the video by just stating this: “…but, regardless today’s video we (9to5Mac) feel compelled to call out Apple for dishing out so ridiculously user-unfriendly and ridiculously priced products…”.

    I have asked you once and I shall ask you again: dare you?
    My bet is you don’t.


    George from Hellas.

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